[Deprecated] Weather Dot Gov - Gathering data from weather.gov

That fixed it. Thanks!

Maybe the reported wind speed unit depends on the station.

If they always report in m/s, it would be a really easy fix in the WDG data driver:

def xwindSpeed = response.data.properties.windSpeed.value * 3.6

My station reported m/s, also:

    "windSpeed": {
        "value": 4.5999999999999996,
        "unitCode": "unit:m_s-1",
        "qualityControl": "qc:V"

Too quick for me... you can ignore my last post!

I checked about 5 different station ids (all in oklahoma). They all report m/s but I don't know if all of them do as well. I thought about that too.


Great work so far, everything is working good so far for me. Is there any plans sometime down the road to display Weather Alerts like Darksky can?

I was looking, there is an API for weather alerts but looks like it would need to use coordinates instead of the Station ID since station ID isn't an option to use: Alerts Web Service

Thought of using this??

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Not to derail this thread, it should be about Bryans WDG app, but aaron's NOAA app is a very good solution if you haven't tried it..

I have already and works great for alerts via notifications and speech. I was looking for a driver to display the alerts too though. Darksky driver already supports displaying the alert so it can be used in something like RM for example.

That does. Add NOAA tile to your dashboard, select Attribute and Alerts.

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Yes, I plan on supporting just about everything the API offers. Alerts is next on the list.

I too use @aaron's NOAA Weather Alerts so it wasn't a rush to get it out :wink: His will still offer more options/granular control, just based on what the two API's offer.

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Sort of half joking here, but a mashup of the two apps would be sweet. :upside_down_face:

Now for questions more relevant to this app.

We have multiple days of picture/text forecast available, (weeklydatatile01) or (forecasttable1), but I can only find a way to display one at a time. Is there a way to have multiple of these (weeklydatatile01, 02, 03) or (weeklydatatile01 and currentdatatile) for example, on one dashboard tile?

Second question, is the font controlled by this app or the dashboard? Is there a way to set the font smaller without affecting all the other dashboard tiles?

Thanks again!

Does Weather Dot Gov only work in the USA? Was wondering what we (outside of USA) going to use when Dark Sky shuts down.

I will go out on a slight limb here and say yes, it is USA only. The source of this data I believe is from https://www.weather.gov/ which is USA only.

There are other country systems. For example, the UK has the Met Office with their own API. Something I was looking into earlier today.

Me too (in Thailand).
A massive "Boo" to Apple :rage:

Nope, mainly due to character restrictions. Each tile can fluctuate by 100 or so characters based on forecast. Also, this way you decide how many days to display. Some only want one or two, others may want 7.

Font is controlled by the dashboard but... font size can be controlled within the tile. I'll it to the list of to-do's.

Yes, it's run by the US government. That's why it has the .gov extension.

I got my hands full with the USA, I'll leave the rest of the world to someone else. :wink:

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To bad, was hoping that although it is based in the USA it would track the worlds weather. Hopefully something comes along before Apple (Dark Sky) shuts down.

@bptworld What about somthing like https://openweathermap.org/ would this be workable? Not by you but does it look promosing if someone knew what to do?

No idea, I haven't looked into it but if it has an API than something could be done.