[DEPRECATED] NOAA Weather Alerts

@kilowatts OK so this error is due to not having the PushOver device either selected or installed and selected. If you comment out line 252 it should skip the error and bring the main page back up.

Let me know if you do in fact have the PushOver Device installed/selected.

NVM found my error. If you don't use PushOver it still errors out. Fixed in v1.1.0 and update is posted.


v1.1.1 posted - using weather.gov more extensive XML feed URI

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Just installed your latest version. I have never received any alerts for my area since I originally installed your app.

Five minutes after installing the new version, my GH Mini in my office blared out Attention, Attention and gave me my first alert about wind chills. Scared the bejeebies out of me because I was not expecting it :slight_smile:

I just wanted to thank you for this app. It will come in handy when tornado season arrives in a month or so.

Thanks again!

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I have a feature request. Can you add a UI setting for the time in between checks? 5 minutes is fine, but I would like to be able to have that configurable to less or more time between checks.

@corerootedxb Do you mean the polling rate?

I am sorry to ask a silly question but how does it know my location? I don't see any way to tell it. I did not see any information in your description as to how it does this.


It pulls it from your Hub setup. :grin:

Oh ok. I was just curious. Makes sense. thanks

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It is possible. Is there a better time scenario you can think of? The goal of the app is β€œjust to work” verses a ton of configurations. Just would like your viewpoint.

Maybe I don't have this setup right but it's repeating the alert every 5 minutes even though I have it set to 60 minutes.

@cuboy29 Can you share logs with me please?

For my use case, we don't get a lot of weather alerts here. So, being able to reduce the calls down to say 15 minutes doesn't clog up the logs as much. Plus, it would also benefit those on metered connections. Those are the two use cases I can think of off the top of my head.

Just something I thought of when I was looking through my logs earlier. :slight_smile: I do like your "just to work" methodology as well.

I have it set to 60 minutes in the app. Are you convering it to 3600 seconds for the runIn?

I see the issue the string is not being converted to integer correctly. Odd as this worked prior. Will look at it later.

As to your question yes. 60sx60min=3600s=60min

v1.1.2 updated to fix repeat issues. Can you test for me please?

No more error.. thanks a very useful app.

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v1.1.3 - added the ability to change polling times

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WOOT! You're awesome! Thank you!!!

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