Inovelli fan/light switch max level

I've been having some problems, but I'm not sure if it's with my switch or the dashboard. I have my switch set up as a dimmer in the dashboard. When I move the slider to 100% the switch will not respond. I do understand that there are some limitations in z-wave and a value of 100% cannot be sent. Is there any way to have the dashboard send a value of 99% whenever the slider is moved to 100%, or would this be an issue with the device/driver?

Are you using the Inovelli drivers, if not give them a try. You can load them through Hubitat Package manager. Once you get HPM setup, do an install and search for Inovelli Drivers.

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Take Dashboard out of the picture and find out for sure: go to the device page (find it under "Devices" in Hubitat, the same device you're using on this Dashboard tile), then use the "Set Level" command there and see what happens. Put in a value of "100" for the level (you can leave the transition time blank), and hit the button to send the command. I'd that doesn't work, see if "99" does. You're correct about Z-Wave, but many drivers I've seen accommodate this by treating 100 as 99 so you don't need to worry about this. Whether Hubitat's built-in driver does or not, I don't know. I think Inovelli's does, but neither will help if it is indeed a Dashboard problem.

After installing HPM, the new driver, and reinstalling the switch this did the trick. Thank you for the heads up, this gave me all the features I couldn't find as well.

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Just FYI, not sure what you mean by re-installing the switch. All you have to do is open the device and then select the new driver, you don't have to re-install anything.

Maybe it was just your way of describing it but in case you didn't realize, I thought I would mention it for future use.

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That's what I did at first. The child devices did not change along with the main device, and I couldn't change them through devices. I just ran exclusion then inclusion and the driver fixed the child devices.

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