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oh, I don't think the problem is with processing them but with the amount of events that are stored in the DB... I may have misunderstood some other info I read here somewhere in this forum though, lol...

Thanks for looking into this!

Hey all,

By request I've added an App Events option to the Simple Series applications.

The following app events are generated:

  • Simple Idle Alerts: name: "SSA", value: "Idle"
  • Simple Contact Reminders: name: "SSA", value: "Open"
  • Simple Switch Reminders: name: "SSA", value: "On"
  • Simple Switch Off Timers: name: "SSA", value: "Off"

@gparra, thanks for the suggestion. Please let me know that this works for you.

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Awesome, thank you!

How do I get the new version? HPM does not find any update and the code in git for the switch off timers says it was last updated 3 months ago?

Hmm... HPM may be delayed, but in the GitHub repo, you should see updates from about 11 hours ago. Note that the changes are in the child app (simple-switch-off-timer.groovy) rather than the parent app (simple-switch-off-timers.groovy).

You might try forcing a refresh with HPM. I believe you can do this by running the Matching function. Then try running update again.

Got the update with HPM now, probably just ha to wait a little bit...

Tried it and events are registered fine, thank you!

You're welcome

I got Simple contacts reminder based on your reply on one of my threads.
I like how simple it is to setup. It took significantly less time than the Notifications app.

There's 2 things though that I'd really love if they could be added.
The first thing would be the ability to send audio notifications. I have google home speakers all over my house and it's easier to use those to let the family know to close the doors than have everyone install the app.

The second thing I could live without being honest. I'm wondering if it's possible to allow to specify 30 seconds in between subsequent notifications.

Thanks very much for writing the apps in the first place. I'm sure I'll find uses for the other ones in the near future

I don't have any integrated audio devices, so I'll have to research how audio notifications work.

30 second reminders seems awfully aggressive... do you have a teenager? :slight_smile:

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Hello! This is exactly what I'm looking for to monitor my garage door and a shed door. I use "Apps Code/New App" and paste the code. When I try to save it I get this error: "Metadata Error: Parent App 'cococafe:Simple Contact Reminders' not found on line 32". Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Hold on. I see what I missed!

Sounds like you've got it figured, but just in case anyone else encounters the same issue...

You need to install Simple Contact Reminders (parent application) before you install Simple Contact Reminder (child application).

You're probably right that 30s is a bit annoying.
During testing I was trying out various things and seeing if things work and reducing e time would have meant less waiting while testing

I'm new at this, do you have a step by step document on how to add this to Hubitat?

I get to GitHub and have no idea what to do.



You can find general instructions on how to add custom apps here.

Please be sure to install the parent app before the child app.

Please let me know if you have more questions!

I must be missing something here. I've imported an app before but it usually involves an import link for both the program and the drivers. All I see are a list of your apps and folders?

There aren't any drivers in the Simple Series Apps--just applications.

Each application is comprised of a parent application, and a child application. You have to import the parent before the child.

Using Simple Switch Reminders as an example...

Go to the GitHub directory containing the applications here.

Open simple-switch-reminders.groovy (parent application), and select the raw option. Same as going here. Import that application per the instructions on adding custom apps above.

Then, go back and open simple-switch-reminder.groovy (child application), and select the raw option. Same as going here. Import that application.

Once both applications are imported, you can go to Apps and use "Add User App" to add "Simple Switch Reminders".

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It's been a busy week, this is the first time I've had an opportunity to look at your post.

I'm trying to install your contacts app for all my door sensors so I'll use that as an example.

What's confusing is when I get to the GitHub page I see two almost identical filenames, neither of which indicate parent or child. I see "simple-contact-reminder.groovy" and "simple-contact-reminders.groovy" with an s added to reminder.

I figured out I can click on each and select RAW over on the right-hand-side. I assume this is what your referring to, however I still do not see anything that indicates one is the parent and the other is the child. What am I missing?


In the previous post...

Hubitat Package Manager might be of interest to you. It automates the install for a large number of packages, including the Simple Series packages.


For some reason the code URL would not import for the package manager but a manual cut and paste worked. I then installed your package using the manager.

I must have misread something. I thought there was a way to specify multiple sensors with one rule, it looks to me like I'd have to create 1 rule per sensor?

Is there anyway to customize the message which is sent?

Just to be clear, this only alerts if a sensor has been left open. If I want to be alerted on the initial opening of say a door sensor I'd have to keep my Notification rule in place for that?



Glad you got it working. Yes, it’s one child per device. The apps are meant to be very simple and very light weight.

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