Simple Series applications

If anyone is interested, I have created a few apps to perform some basic, but often repetitive tasks. The apps are:

  • Simple Contact Reminders
    This application provides a simple reminder notification system for contact sensors (doors/windows/etc.) that have been left open.

  • Simple Switch Reminders
    This application provides a simple reminder notification system for switches that have been left on.

  • Simple Switch Off Timers
    This application provides a simple switch timeout system for turning off switches that have been left on. Sometimes people refer to this as an "Egg Timer".

None of these applications do anything you cannot do with Rule Machine (I mean, what can't you do with Rule Machine?), but they are a lot simpler and easy to manage, especially if you have dozens of entries.

Code can be found here: GitHub - dennypage/hubitat: Hubitat drivers and applications. Comments welcome.

Update Dec 29, 2020:

I have added another application to the series:

This application provides a simple alert notification system for devices that have not been updated for a period of time. This is useful for ensuring devices that are expected to periodically report status, such as temperature sensors, do not silently go offline. I also use it to alert me if my weather information goes stale.



Those look promising, I'll definitely be playing with them. Have you looked into getting them added to the hubitat package manager?

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I'm not familiar with the Hubitat package manager.


As shared above. It's a sweet package manager for custom apps and drivers that lets you know when there's updates available so you don't have to manually update things, and makes everything much easier.

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Thanks. I'll have a look.

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Do you have a schema for the json?

Link to GitHub in the OP of that thread should have the info you need.

Didn't find a schema in GitHub. I can reverse it from all the examples, or by reading the code, but handier to have one to begin with.

Tagging @dman2306.

There is a sample json provided but there is also a command line tool I built that will generate the json for you at Release hpm-1.3.0 · dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanagertools · GitHub (works on Windows, Linux, and Mac).


I saw the command line tool, but I usually don't take random binaries form the Internet and run them. :slight_smile: [Absolutely no offense intended!]

Looking at the source, it looks pretty wedded to a Microsoft development / runtime environment, which I don't have. So it's probably easier for me to reverse a soft schema from looking at examples and code than to try porting the project to a non Microsoft environment.

I'll figure it out. Not a big deal. Thanks.

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I can understand that. That’s part of why I released the source code so anyone can build it themselves.


PR submitted


I’ll get it added in the morning!

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I added the Simple Switch Off Timers and I have no idea how to use it. There isn't any documentation and I can't find any reference to it in the Apps or Simple Automation Rules. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

I figured it out, I just forgot that after installing the app needed to add it to the apps page.


Glad you got it working. Hope you find it useful.

Great little apps, wanted to configure timers for 15 + switches and creating a role for each one not only was a PITA but an OCD nightmare... Thanks!

Would it be possible to add registering events when an action is taken? maybe a toggle to register events or not like the Simple Automation Rules has...

Sure... can you give me an idea of where you would use this?

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Yes, I have a couple of plugs that trigger an automation but I only want this to happen when the plug is turned off automatically, if I turn it off manually then the automation is not needed.

So subscribing to the rule events vs the switch events would be the best way, I think?

I also understand these events when too many can bog down the hub and I already have 20+ rules with your timer app, so that is why I suggested making it optional...