[RELEASE] The Flasher - Flash your lights based on several triggers

Here is the setting in Flasher (child Bedroom 3):

Does the same green color at 2000 milliseconds

Thanks for adding moisture sensors! Much appreciated. Still having issues with returning to initial state though.

Thank you for the updates, so I changed mine flashing time from 1000 to 1200 and I turned the lights on before the flasher would start. It flashes 4 and remains off . I tried it starting with the lights off and it flashes 4 times and stays off which is correct. So it might only be a problem if the light was on before the flashing starts.

Okay, lets try this! :thinking:

1.0.7 - 04/26/20 - Changes to flash handler

Little confused. I have parent and child installed. What do I do with packagemanifest.json ?

Nothing. That is for use with the Hubitat Package Manager, which makes install and updates very easy.

So do I need to install the package manager?

No but it is highly recommended. Makes life a lot easier. Follow that link and read about it.

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Thanks! So I don't need to update Parent or Child. It just happens automatically when you make a change?

Only if you use HPM. If not everything has to be manually done.

Got it. Thanks!

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Sorry did the update and it still always goes off, even if the light was on. Would this help at all?

Logs are ALWAYS good! :grin:

Try, 1.0.8 - 04/26/20 - Small change to flash handler

Eureka, working like a charm, thank you for persisting with this, I know "end users" can be a pain. Just one thing :crazy_face: I had to manually update as the Package Updater said it was already up to date.

Thanks again

Awesome! The key was that you weren't using color with your flashing. Thanks to your log, it was an easy fix.

Fixed, HPM will now tell you there is an update. Go ahead and do it, won't hurt anything.

All sorted


Is flasher setup to work only with Hue bulbs? I'm trying with a Sengled Colored Bulb and it doesn't working properly. See my previous post with logging info.

Thanks Bryan! Works great, and thanks for tip on using HPM. Seems like a must have that I was missing.

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My Sengled non color bulbs working fine. You update to current?

Yes. But the issue is with the Sengled colored bulbs.

  • Hue colored bulbs work fine. Bulb flashes the color you select and shuts off when complete.

Thank you.

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