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Yes, see attached.

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Ok when you click through the rest of the pages are any errors logged? I’m suspecting you’re missing a driver. Especially since 3 of those are fan lights which use a different driver than the regular fan.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean "the rest of the pages"; there is only on page after that, with the buttons "Remove" and "Done".

In the off chance it may help, I've attached BOND Home Integration Status page.


I need to see the logs that occur as you hit done. I suspect there is an error being logged

You are correct, see attached>

Yeah, so it appears you didn't install those two drivers. You'll need to do so. My recommendation would be to use Hubitat Package Manager which I think will make the whole process quite a bit easier for you!

While I struck out with Hubitat Package Manager (authentication issues), I did do raw grab of the drivers from github, and added them in Hubitat.

All the fans show in Devices, and there are no errors in the log.

Thank you again.

Happy I could help. If you'd like any help sorting out the package manager issue let me know!

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Thank you.

I just ran it, without security, and it ran fine.

Short of removing and reinstalling, can I turn security on?

If you turn security on you just need to specify the hub username/password in the package manager.

Turned on Security in the Package Manager Settings.

Hubitat Life is Good.

I'm gonna lay low for awhile, and troubleshoot the fan in my office. It stopped responding to commands from Bond, and the RF remote that came with the fan (Less than two weeks old). I suspect it's probably in need of a reinitialization. But, that's another day and another forum.

Thanks again for al your help.

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Hi dman2306, I hope you could give me a hand please.

I added all the fans to Bond and I'm able to control all the functions from the app (Light On/Off, Direction, Fan On/Off and Fan SpeedUp/SpeedDown). I used your app and added the fans to Hubitat and I'm able to do all the above but I have issues with the fan speeds, it shows low, medium-low, medium, medium-high and high but only send the low and High commands to the fans and nothing in between.

I grabbed this and here is the log:

to control the fan I used the device's screen. First urned the fan Off, then low (argument 1), medium-low (argument 2), medium (argument 3), medium-high (argument 5) and high (argument 6).

I'm not sure why after low it translates 6 to Bond instead of the argument number.

I appreciate any help

Could you go to Apps and click the little gear icon next to the bond app and take a screenshot of the following lines:

Hmm are you on the latest code? The log messages there don't match the latest code on github

Here is the log from the latest version, I installed from the Hubitat Package Manager App...

To control the fan I used the device's screen. First turned the fan Off, then low (argument 1), medium-low (argument 2), medium (argument 3), medium-high (argument 5) and high (argument 6).

So I'm not sure I'm understanding the problem at this point. Your fan supports 6 speeds, but HE only supports 5 speeds so it has to map between the two. The code does this:

6: ["high": 6, "medium-high": 5, "medium": 3, "medium-low": 2, "low": 1],

So high = 6, medium-high = 5, medium = 3, medium-low = 2, low = 1 which seems like exactly what it is doing. What are you expecting it to do?

The problem is how the fan behaves in real life:

When I select "low" on the device's screen, the fan's speed changes to low which is good.
But when I select any of the other ones (medium-low or medium or medium-high or high) the fan's speed is always high.

Ok, I understand now. That sounds like something you need to talk to Bond about. Based on your logs I'm sending the right values to the API:

So it sounds like an issue where the hub isn't sending the right commands to your device.

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Ok, cool... I will contact them! THANKS A LOT!

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