LIFX bulbs stopped working

It has been years since I setup my LIFX bulbs with Hubitat. But for the last 3 months they haven't been working. I looked at both the Apps Code: LIFX Master and the Drivers Code: LIFX Color, but there is not webpage given in the comments, so I really don't know where I got these from.

I am guessing there is probably a new version, but does anyone know where to find them. Or is LIFX just no longer supported

Sorry, I can't see the address. Please email at

The app is in Hubitat Package Manager now if you want to keep it up to date that way.

Sorry, what is a Hubitat Package Manager

Thanks for that, but I can't find any instructions on how to install this. It seems like all docs talk about how to use it, but not install it.

For Hubitat Package Manager you want

Copy the whole text of that page.

In Hubitat, click on Apps Code - use the New App button and paste in the code. Click Save

Then open Apps in Hubitat, click New User App and select Hubitat Package Manager

It should be fairly straightforward from there on in - I think it offers you the option of matching up with existing apps and drivers. That may not work if your LIFX drivers are quite old though.

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Thank you. Works great.

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