OOMI window door sensors and Multi sensor

So I was one of the people who tried the oomi touch and have lots of devices. i just bagged my Wink due to thier issue and have my HE up and running and love it so far. However my Window door sensors and multi sensor which worked fine on Wink are having issues. i have seen that they are just rebranded aeotec devices.

Tried several drivers on the multi sensor which appears to be connected fine and is report good values like temp and illuminous (compared to a zooz 4 in 1) however I can not get it to responded to motion and become active.

The window door sensors pair fine but seem to not beable to report status of open or close.

Anyone elee have these devices working?

Have this D/W Sensor included without security and am using the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor drivers.
I can remember having to unlock the configuration after including before being able to change any other parameters.
To do so, use this tool to change parameter 252's value to 0.

Had the same issue after putting it in place, so I woke it up, performed a Z-Wave repair of it and some adjacent mains-powered devices.
Not sure if this made really sense, but the sensor reported after doing so. :wink:

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Hi @david24. I also have lots of Oomi (Aeotec) devices. For the door/window sensors I use the Aeon Recessed door sensor driver here: Aeon Recessed Door sensor
For my Multisensors I use cSteele's driver here: Another Aeon Multisensor 6 DH
It can also be downloaded through Hubitat Package Manager (HIGHLY recommended): [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

Before anything use the Z-Wave parameter tool as suggested by @Mr.Olsen and make sure all your devices have a 0 in paramter 252. By default they came set to 1.
Let us know how it works out.


@Wounded Thanks you so much that did it the driver for the door sensors is the trick we are all functioning now. Much appreciated.

Hey @Wonded do you have any of the OOMI Bulbs and if who what drive did you find work best for you?

@david24, I have several of their bulbs. I use the Hubitat Aeon LED Bulb driver.

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