[RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater

Hubitat OTA Z-Wave Firmware Updater

The firmware updater is in the form of a driver. It is a utility based driver similar to the basicZwaveTool. It is designed to be switched to, used to update your devices, and then switch back to your original driver.

While released exclusively to the Hubitat platform. This is not a product of Hubitat Inc. This is a community developed and community supported feature.

Use at your own risk

I am providing this as a convenience for the community and as such make no guarantees or warranties. If you damage a device from proper or improper use of this program you are on your own.


  • Web server hosted OTZ or HEX update file. (can be local on your LAN or elsewhere ex: github
  • Z-wave device that is OTA capable and supports Firmware Update MD Command Class V1-4
  • Good connectivity between the device and your Hubitat hub.


  • Devices that are region specific, make sure you have a firmware file that is for your region.
  • Some devices will require exclude/include when complete. This has been noticed on some hardware. Most will not require this.
  • There are many provisions in this code and in the Z-wave spec that prevent this process from damaging your device. But I offer no guarantee or warranty. Use at your own risk!
  • This driver can only be used on 1 device at a time due to the shared memory requirement to enable this process.


  1. Go to the device details page for the device you want to update
  2. Under device information change the driver to Z-Wave Firmware Updater and click Save Device
  3. Type in the URL for the firmware update file in the Update Firmware command and then click Update Firmware
  4. Wait.. This process can take a while
  5. Watch under Current States for progress updates.

At any time you can click Abort Process to stop the firmware update.

In the rare case of the process being locked from a previous attempt, you can click Clear Lock to clear the stale lock.

After clicking the Update Firmware button this process can take a while.. The firmware must be downloaded and processed into memory. Then must be parsed for information to verify that the firmware matches the device's firmware image. Only after all these steps will the device begin requesting parts of the firmware binary. You will see a progress indicator reporting the percentage of data that has been transferred. After the whole image has been transferred your device will verify it to and reply back with a status. And then if the status is good your device will flash itself and reboot.

Note for sleepy (battery powered) devices:

Throughout this process you may need to wake the device a few times before everything can be completed. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for the wake mechanism for your device.



Been looking forward to this for a bit.. Thanks for this!


Nice one man.
This gives me a chance to ‘Brick’ some old devices and then an excuse to buy some NEW devices.
Sweet ! :+1:t3::blush:
Now where to find those Fibaro contact firmwares....


Whatever works.. :rofl:

Goody. I was running out of things to do during this Stay-At-Home thing. :grinning:


Now if only the firmware itself was accessible somewhere. Some make you ask, and others simply refuse to allow the updates even if they are available. I don't know of anywhere that you can basically download it.


You can download it from Inovelli's website..

let me be the first noob to ask this question,
how do I tell what firmware my Range Extender 6, Smart Switch 6 and Fibaro MS are at currently as it doesnt show on their device pages.


Zooz will provide it readily from their support

You can use hubitat's basic z-wave tool


In my drivers I am putting firmware versions in the device data section ..

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Inovelli lets you download ota but for LZW31-sn has a .bin

The attached .otz file is the Z-Wave Chip Upgrade that is target 0 in the Z-Wave PC Controller software.

The Holtek .bin file is the LED bar MCU firmware and is target 1 in the Z-Wave PC Controller software.

maybe I will wait until someone else tries


Had not seen this one yet.. Let me try it first .. I have a few extra dimmers.. and I not sure a .bin will work as I was told firmware updates would Always be otz or hex

I might have to add this functionality..


where do you see this?

This is incredible. Thank You
Hubitat needs you on the payroll.
Maybe @ericm can assist with a differnt file type?


It can be converted with freely available tools

Sorry - added the driver, but then... ?
its not a app I can load so how do I get it to work/a result.
Apologies, noob level player here.

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See below from first post.. Please check out the instructions as this could cause major trouble if you are not careful..


sorry - I meant the basic zwave tool you linked me from hubitat.
I see now I have to change the driver in the device.
Thank you

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