Inovelli Switches status not updating

My Hub is in my home office. I added 4 window shades in my office + 2 Inovelli Red Dimmers.
It's not updating in either the dashboard or the device "Current State" page.

Thanks for the clarification.

That is all you have for Zwave? That probably isn't going to work that well no matter how close you are to the hub. It typically takes more than a handful of devices to have a good mesh.

What does your Zwave details page look like (screenshot it)? Maybe you have ghost nodes or other issues.

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I suspect this is the likely cause. Guessing you are on build and the inovelli red firmware is on 1.48 and using the drivers from their site. If you don't know then I would confirm before moving further as having all the assumptions will save you a lot of time diagnosing the issue.

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I am using the latest Inovelli drivers. The device page shows firmware v1.35 and the device driver I'm using was just downloaded from Inovelli Git ... assuming I have the latest.

I had all sorts of ghost nodes with ST, but I just started with HE so I don't know how that would be the case here.

The reason I only have a few devices now is that I'm just getting started and making sure everything works before I keep going. I have over 50 Red Series dimmers + 40 Graber shades ... all Z-wave.

Here is the Z-wave details page.

Device settings look fine. What firmware are the switches? It shows that on the device page.

firmware is v1.35

Inovelli red v2 dimmers?

Yep, The latest and greatest.
Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN

Going through this now @lewis.heidrick, thanks. I will report back shortly!

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Well ... it's been updating firmware now for over an hour ...

There are two firmware flashers, which one are you using? That thread has lots of good info, but it is spread about. From about this post on (see below) discusses this "quirk". Also, I seem to recall there being an issue with flashing devices that are paired S2. I believe it is down a few posts from the link below.

First, if you are updating an Inovelli switch, I don't have any, so I don't know the type of their firmware file. I have only used the "first" (or original) version discussed below, to update my ZEN16.

Second, as you correctly see, there are two versions of the firmware updater. Neither type supports devices paired securely (S2). They were never updated to change the Z-Wave calls to the ones needed to support secure pairing. From the author of both versions:

Third, regarding which version to use, it depends on the type of the file:

The "original version" is the version linked to in the first post of this thread here:

Then, in order to support a new Inovelli product that had binary firmware OTA files, and that had multiple targets on the device, Brian Copeland made a quick and dirty change to the firmware updater to create the "Binary Firmware Updater". Unfortunately, the file name remained the same and the version remained the same. The link to that second version is here:

Both of these versions are unsupported now that Brian is on Hubitat staff, and will probably never be updated to support secure pairing and merged to be a single driver that fixes the bugs in the binary version and that supports all the formats in a single driver.

And finally (fourth), the upcoming 2.2.4 Hubitat firmware update (real soon now, perhaps a matter of days) includes, built-in, a firmware updater app (I am not a beta tester; I saw this in the recent Hubitat Live video). Initially it only supports Z-Wave, but, apparently, will also eventually support Zigbee (from Brian's comments in these forums). That upcoming version should have the bugs fixed and support all of the file formats. You might just want to wait for the 2.2.4 update.

Hope this helps.


Can't you also update via a Z-Stick? That might be worth checking out if desperate / want a handy Z-Wave tool. I do not have any Inovelli devices sadly (other than some Ilumin bulbs) - as we have toggle style switches. Updating the Zooz S2 stuff this way works fine and is relatively fast.

Yes, I believe you could using the free Simplicity Studio software from Silicon Labs.

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Thanks folks. Sounds like I should wait for the firmware updater from Hubitat. It looks like I already have a Firmware Update button. Is this what we're talking about?

No, that button is to update the Z-Wave radio firmware on your C-7.

2.2.4 has a new built-in app that is a firmware updater. Go watch the Hubitat Live video on YouTube, carefully look at the screens.

Or see my post here:

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If you have a uzb stick or a z-stick it's super easy to update with pc controller software. @danabw wrote a great step by step guide to do this. If not then waiting until 224 is probably the best option. You can also do it with the guides above if you pair the device without security.


Just a note - my write-up was about removing ghosts rather than FW updates.

The FW update process w/PC Controller app and UZB stick is pretty simple...iBlinds site has a support page on using a UZB stick and PC Controller app to do an OTA update.


Your right I was mixing up the inovelli pc controller guide.