Inovelli Red S2 Dimmer Notifications

I have three difference child notifications set which turn on/off based on which doors are locked/unlocked or opened/closed etc.

I have it working well with a relatively simple rule, but I've noticed that if you turn the light on or off while one of these notifications is 'on', that the led bar defaults to the standard on/off colour - which falsely shows that the notifications are off.

IE. When my front door is unlocked, the LED bar will change from blue to flashing purple. When it is locked, it will change back to standard blue. If the door remains unlocked (flashing purple) but the light switch is cycled on or off, it will revert to standard blue instead of flashing purple.

Is there a setting for this in the device that I'm missing?

Are you on the original firmware for these devices? That was a known issue (or maybe even expected behavior?) for those, but it has been addressed/changed with a recent firmware update.

For a description, see:

For the latest firmware, which fixes this plus S2 issues you might have when joining to a C-7, see:

Thanks very much. Sounds like updating the firmware could help with this.

How do I push a firmware update to device via hubitat? I can't seem to find that anywhere.

If you have an external Z-Wave stick and a Windows PC, you could use the Z-Wave PC Controller software to perform the update. (You'd have to remove the dimmer from Hubitat, pair it to that, then remove it and pair it back; or you could try adding the stick as a secondary controller to Hubitat.) Here's how to do that:

Alternatively, you can use Hubitat's unofficial "Z-Wave Firmware Updater" tool from this thread:

For the LZW31-SN, I'd actually use the "advanced"/binary updater instead since there are two "targets" you need for the Inovelli dimmers, and only that version will let you do both. That version is in this post: [RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater - #860 by bcopeland

You can use Inovelli's instructions and the URLs they provide for both the target 0 and target 1 updates. Unfortunately, they didn't include the target 1 update in the 1.48 doc, so you'll have to find it in 1.47 (it didn't change): Knowledge Base Redirect – Inovelli.

Inovelli's general Hubitat instructions are here, except they don't seem to have written them with both targets in mind (and are using the original version of the updater--I'd use the newer one I linked to above), so you'll have to remember that the .OTZ file goes to target 0 and the .BIN file to target 1:

Sorry if this is confusing...looks like there isn't one spot that has everything. :open_mouth:


Thank you very much. This is solved. Was easy to figured out (even for me) and it worked wonderfully.

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