[BETA] A Z-Wave Mesh Tool [C7 and 2.2.4+ Only]

I have been working on a tool to provide a way to explore Z-Wave Mesh Details. This tool can answer questions like:

  • Which devices are acting as repeaters?
  • How many devices are routing through a particular device?
  • Which and How many devices are in a FAILED state?
  • What devices are neighbors for a given device?

I started developing this in ST earlier this year as a weekend project, and now have ported it to HE and have got it to a place where I think it is usable for a wider audience. Please let me know if you find it useful and if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for improvements.

Install using HPM

As of v0.1.16-beta, this is now available for install from Hubitat Package Manager. It can be found in the "Monitoring" or "ZWave" tags.
(If you installed from github, please use HPM matchup so you can stay up to date)


The (beta) App code is available for import from here:


  • This tool has only been developed and tested on a C7 running 2.2.4+ and is not expected to work on previous firmware or prior hardware due to differences in the Z-Wave stack. (If someone finds otherwise, please let me know.)
  • This tool does not interface directly with your Z-Wave network; it just provides some alternate views of data that is already collected and maintained by the HE hub.
    • As a consequence, some of the data is not real-time and is only updated on a periodic basis by the HE firmware.
  • This tool loads in a new window and depends on a few external javascript and CSS resources, as well as gathering information from the HE hub. As a result, there are a few requirements:
    • Browser must have access to the internet
    • Browser must have (admin) access to the HE hub
    • The App must be installed and have OAuth enabled


[Post Updated 2021-01-04 with screenshots from 0.2.17-beta]

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Very cool...love the filters to quickly see info that is just hard to get to quickly/easily from the Z-Wave details page. Really nice launch.

Thanks. This tool grew out of my annoyance with having to go back and forth between multiple screens to find the information I was wanting.

One of the things I plan to add in the future is preferences to choose what filters to display. If you have any suggestions for additional filter options, let me know.


This could be super helpful. Thanks for doing. Is in package manager for easier update tracking?


Does the RTT and LWR reset with every reboot and do you know what constitutes a neighbor? I don’t understand why one of my repeaters is not considered a neighbor to a device right by it. Your report agrees with the topology so no issue with the app which is awesome btw. I was doing this on paper all day today!!!

@tony.fleisher this is awesome thanks :blush:.

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It is not in HPM yet, but it is in my plans.


Yes, I believe that the stats (rtt, route changes, etc.) reset at reboot.

Neighbor is based on what the router sees as the topology, but it isn't clear when or how this is updated. I think it may not be kept updated for sleepy slaves and other battery powered devices.

Perhaps @bcopeland can provide more details on this.


This is true

This is actually reported by the device and happens when a node neighbor update request is sent out. The most common activity that triggers this is a repair.


Great App. THANKS!


@tony.fleisher this app is simply fantastic. I had a failed device (physically dead) and a number of my outside devices that were unresponsive so I moved a couple repeaters to “better” places. I was trying to see the differences in the routes post repair and doing it on paper. Last night I saw and installed this and it fulfills all my wants and need for data! It’s so easy to see which repeaters are being used, the devices that are changing routes, etc. Awesome work.


With the new release, after moving devices is it still better to do a single node repair or does the new zwave topology consideration make a full zwave repair better? Any considerations one should use when choosing one over the other (if on the latest update)

This is really cool. Love how it lays out the data.

Thanks for this!



Would love to have this working on my C5 hardware... But alas, it yields the following error when I tried it:

Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details

(v0.1.8-beta - 2020-11-27)
TypeError: Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined

Yeah, but as the thread title states only available on the C7 with 2.2.4+ unfortunately.

What's this:

Looks like an error.

Do you have a ghost node in your Z-Wave details by chance?

I am glad to see that there are many of you that are getting some value from this tool.

A new version has been committed with the following changes:

  • Minor style and color adjustments
  • The tool has been updated with a new sortable column (and ranged filter) with the calculation of the square root of the mean of the difference between the sum of Transmission Times Squared and the mean of the square of the sum Of Transmission Times.
    (For convenience I have labeled this as "RTT StdDev".)

This is very useful. Thank you for sharing.

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Need to update the app but any ideas on why RTT and LWR are still unknown? The devices (especially motion) have certainly activated.

Can you add the PER so I can see if the error rates are inflated?

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