[Wiki] Where is the Wiki… [find what you are looking for]

A starting point for your search, below you find a selection of wikis, scattered throughout the forum.

Some are marked [wiki] or (wiki) in their topic others are mentioned as “guide” or “howto”

As with any wiki, if you have the rights, feel free to add, update or improve this post.

———————————————The Wiki Links —————————————

Most important i guess, getting started; by bobbyD (Hubitat staff)

And by @rlithgow1

Also usefull, what devices have custom drivers available; by bobbyD as well

Of course there is also a custom apps Wiki; by bobbyD as well

This topic i put together myself might be helfull for those looking for Zwave OTA files for their devices;

Basics on radio networks like Zigbee and Zwave;
A good general place to start BEFORE building out your new network..
How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

Get info on your zigbee network:

Get info on your Z wave network:

Custom Z-wave tooling, C7 only if i was informed correctly; by @tony.fleisher

How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

For more advanced users theres a Wiki on featured and direct links for your hub; by @Hasty1

And by @syepes

A nice topic with various… “i should have know that earlier” entries; by @erktrek

General help on creating and formatting topics; by bcopeland (Hubitat staff)

Guide or Wiki on Hubitat dashboards; by @TechMedX

One on rules within Hubitat; by bravenel (Hubitat staff)

A Node-Red integration implementation “Wiki”; by @fblackburn

The webCore Wiki; by @nh.schottfam

Of course, these days there is also the offcial documentation page, the biggest wiki of them all;

And the official “HowTo” page;

Advanced networking; by gopher.ny (Hubitat staff)

For Beta users;

Under construction;


I bet there are many more out there…. Feel free to add them


Updated these links to point to the current, version 2, docs site.


Can you clarify, would be the goal of that?

Individual posts/threads can be made into a wiki when it makes sense for the purpose of that thread. That’s the case for any category that users can post in.

Agreed Mike, but they are not always easily found or accesible.
They are not all indicated as Wiki, some are in some are in (), some are named “guides” or “howto” in their topics and most of them are not pinned to the top.

What i set out to do was

  1. Gather a basic set of wikis in one place
  2. Try and find a common way to refer to them or make them found, either by being pinned or reffered to all in a similar way. I know, utopia in an open forum, but a man can have hopes right :nerd_face::sunglasses:

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