[RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater

Shut down the hub and pull power for at least 10 seconds. Also if possible, power down the device and restart it. Power hub back up. Let it settle for a couple of minutes and then try it again.

Looks like it might be a battery device? If you can move it, bring it close to the hub for updating.

The device I am trying to update is a Zooz tilt sensor attached to my garage door. I moved the hub into the garage and started the update again. This time I got 7% complete before it just stopped recording anything in the log and the percent complete also stopped. The update started at 8:29 and stopped at 8:54 with only 7% complete. Attached is a partial log

Is it paired with S2 security or none?

The device was paired with no security. I have given up on updating this way and am trying to get it updated using the ZWavePCController as it has worked for me in the past.

With really stubborn devices I will factory reset them, pair to a USB stick directly, update, then reset again and use the zwave "Replace" on the C7 to join it back to the original node. I have found for some reason the replace work 100x better if I start the replace inclusion, count to 10 then put the device into inclusion mode.


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A few links to Zwave firmware resources:

Any hints / pointers to firmware repo’s are welcome while i scroll through a 1000+ reactions….

I found Aeon labs offers their Zwave firmware here (extraction from ,exe required);

I found Zooz firmware downloads here (account / login required);

I found Innovelli firmwares here;

Qubino offers OTA firmware on request;

Edit: going through this thread i would like to make some remarks

  1. A big thank you to the Hubitat devs, especially @bcopeland for his contributions.

  2. It seems to mee mostly Zooz, Innovelli and some Aeotec devices have public available firmwares.

  3. Would it be helpfull to have a pinned message somewhere linking to the companies firmware locations for easy reference?

  4. Extracting the hex files from executables (Aeotec) is not for the faint hearted in my opinion. Would it be feasible to write a tool for this to do so? In my case i would like the hex file for the eu version of the gen5 recessed doorsensor that i had lying around, but i simply dont have the guts but i dont want to bring anyone into some legal liablities :sunglasses:

All support is appreciated :hugs:

If your in the UK, I have a hub for these updates, but you would need to send it to me and return. Fibaro stuff is get but it's a pain.

Aeotec is easier but you even need to connect it to a stick after removing it from hubitat or you have to download and extract the hex from their files. Once you know how to do it, it's quite easy. It's the getting there which is hard as you mentioned.

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Im across the channel, but thank you very much for the offer!

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Hello -

I am trying to upgrade a z-wave device over the air and the manufacturer has only .OTA files available. In the documentation of the firmware updater, it seems that the file needs to be .OTZ. Any idea how I can update the firmware with an .OTA file?

Here us the file I am referring to.

Thank you!

Linking @mike.maxwell and @csteele for possible advise

What type of device is it (brand and function?)
Wondering is you cant simply rename them, but that might be too easy

These steps work for Leviton .ota files, so they should work for whatever .ota file you have too.


Thanks for your answer. It is the Heating Thermostat HE-HT01 from Heltun.

I contacted them and they told me that my firmware 2.07 is actually the same as 2.7 and thus I have the latest version not yet available on their site... So I am not going to try crazy stuff for now.

I thought my firware was outdated as the built-in thermostat app (Heltun Heating Thermostat) does not seems complete : there is no reporting of the floor temperature, there is a useless cooling function, useless fan button... Does not seems right... But it is not the firmware of the device apparently.

Thank you for your answer. I received the info that on this device, firmare 2.07 and 2.7 are the same :thinking:... So I will not try this now. This being said, I will keep this link as it seems to be the solution for upgrading from an .ota file.

How long should the firmware update for a single device take? I seem to have one stuck at 2% after 15 minutes of start.

Depends on the device, if it battery powered and distance from the hub. They can take a while, for battery you need to keep it awake.

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Thanks @BorrisTheCat - 22 hours now and stuck at 39%.

Device = Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN
Hub = C-7 |

You should be using the built-in zwave firmware updater app on a C-7, and not this older driver that is meant for a C-5.

I remember this from my Fibaro battery powered devices when i was still on their HomeCentre.

They do a partial update in their wakeup period and it takes forever. If you can keep them awake however, this significantly should speed up the process.

For now, most important is that you see some progress at all, meaning the update is still running.

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@aaiyar - I am using this - Device Firmware Updater | Hubitat Documentation - which I think is the built-in zwave firmware updater.

@H_Local - Thanks! These are Inovelli Switches. They are always powered.

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