Are you new to home automation or Hubitat or coming from a different platform such as SmartThings, Vera, or Wink? This may help!

Once the devices have been added, and the user is ready to create some rules, the best approach is to start slowly with preloaded Basic Rules app.

There is nothing basic about this app, it can accommodate many different use cases. It is a good introduction to Hubitat's web interface and the app provides easy to follow logic. It starts with an "event" (trigger) then builds the rule gradually (E.G. when this happens, I'd like to automate this device, then this other device).

Check out this video for more details:


Wow! Nice summary!

I have only one comment to add - from my experience the wireless networks (especially Z-Wave) need some time to "settle down". Both protocols attempt to build an efficient network by routing through other devices (typically, line powered devices). It may take a day or more for the network to "settle down". Try to be patient. I know it's hard.


That's pretty much covered in the how to build a z-wave/zigbee mesh articles... My big thing with this post is to try not to overwhelm... But that is a good call..

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nice write-up! i am looking into migrating into HE from ST and was psyched up reading your write-up until i realized i may have problems with my CREE bulbs which where the first ones i added to my ST.

looks like you are suggesting to exclude them(Zigbee) first then include them in HE?

Any z-device paired to another hub will have to be excluded (zwave devices) or factory reset (zigbee devices) before pairing it to a new hub.

I would recommend leaving the Cree bulbs on ST.


i 've read this and was pumped to read i may not need to exclude z-wave device and only zigbee devices. Knowing very well that doing such isn't really good practice. I may have to just leave those Cree bulbs alone as suggested but if im lucky and they are paired well and good. i may have to just add z-wave switch to control them so i can still use them and not throw them away.

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Any z-wave devices you move will have to be excluded or reset. Normally exclusion is fine. What you've highlighted is simply saying turn off your old hub, let hubitat to the exclusion and then include on hubitat. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. Another thing about the cree bulbs and their ilk are that they are ZLL 1.2. They don't play well on the same mesh as ZHA devices (such as sensors and whatnot). They make bad repeaters/messengers. It's typically recommended that you put them on their own mesh using a hue bridge or another hubitat. The exception to this is zigbee 3.0 bulbs or Sengled bulbs. Sengled bulbs do not repeat.


sorry, but to clarify, with my ST hub off and HE powered on, it'll will discover z-wave, zigbee devices and HE gives me the option to have detected devices EXCLUDED first? again my apologies as i am really taking this migration slow and not overwhelm myself and get too frustrated and just burn all what i have invested time and effort one because i couldn't figure it out.

i am just trying to educate myself as much as i can as it has been 6 years since i've configured my ST hub. my sincere thanks for your patience.

I find that 2 hubs on tend to cause interference. (This may be anecdotal and not scientific). Any and all z-wave devices connected to a controller (hub) must be excluded (the device itself) in order to pair to another controller. You can go into hubitat start the exclusion for the device, You do not need the old hub to exclude. Any controller can tell a device to exclude. They need to be excluded before they can be included on the new controller (Hubitat).

Zigbee devices in your case will have to be factory reset before pairing with Hubitat.. Again, I recommend turning off ST just to be safe)

I also recommend looking at the how to build a solid z-wave and Zigbee links in that thread. And honestly make it easier on yourself, don't pair by brand/model just use the generic zigbee and z-wave buttons. Make sure your z-wave firmware is up to date (seperate from the platform update).

This is why we're all here, to help eachother. We welcome all questions.

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ahhh, looks like these (exclude/factory reset) are "menu/command items" that i choose when i start to setup HE.

i may figured out the Zigbee devices. they are all bulbs and I can live without them or just add a z-wave switch to control them.

What i now realize and is a bigger headache (possibly i hope) are my Schlage BE469ZP. i do not see them on the HE device compatibility list ; and my GOLINEAR GARAGE OPENER and i use RBOY apps with them on ST.

only thing i need i think is AUTOLOCK functionality for the Schlage door locks and AUTOCLOSE on the GOLINEAR GARAGE OPENER.

im reading quite a lot of threads but i did not seem to find anything that says these devices outright work with HT. thank you again.

did you mean Linear or GoControl?, can you post a picture of it?

The lock may or may not work correctly (it will include just fine), but depends on lots of factors outside of Hubitat's control.

I have 3 of those locks. You'll be fine as long as they're firmware 7.10 and above. You want to factory reset those locks then pair them within 2 feet of the hub. The reason is because of the whisper mode it uses to exchange encryption. Oh, don't pair anything else with encryption, just locks and garage door openers...

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@rlithgow1 was describing voice assistants, not TTS.

There are built in apps for Google Home and Alexa.

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i just checked mine and both are 0.10.8

as i am dependent on @Rboy apps for my doors and garage door(gocontrol) and still hoping he will deliver compatible apps with ST, would i be able to continue using ST to control my doors and garage doors and HE for the webcore pistons that i use that just control motion sensors and switches?

Rboy's app no longer works right now on ST. You can connect all your locks to HE and use built in Lock Manager, gocontrol garage door opener should be able to be paired to HE with the community driver.


There’s also a built-in driver got this device.

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I hit the Jackpot! Thanks for the tips and tricks. Very helpful. I appreciate it!


I update the 1st post as I can when something comes up. If anyone has ideas to add, please let me know



Rick, I hope you deem it ok that I added this thread to the wiki list I have been putting together!