Community Apps

The purpose of this Wiki post* is to maintain an active list of custom community apps that are currently running on the Hubitat Elevation platform. As you add/find new apps compatible with Hubitat Elevation, please add them here to keep the Community up to date.

Please see the Documentation Link (above in header bar) for information on built-in apps and devices. (Hubitat Elevation Documentation - Hubitat Documentation)

See also, the Community Device Drivers Wiki for a list community based drivers.

*Wiki posts can be modified by every member of our community, just click the "Edit" button located at the bottom of every Wiki post.

Apps and Driver Collections

BPTWorld Apps and Drivers - link
Cobra Apps and Drivers - link
Hubitat Community GitHub - link
Hubitat User created Apps & Drivers - link
Krlaframboise Apps and Drivers - link

Button Controller Apps

Advanced Button Controller (ABC) - link
Dimmer Button Controller - link

Integration Apps

Amazon Dash Buttons link
BleBox - link
CoCoHue (community Hue Bridge integration, alternative to native integration) - link
Ecobee - link (obsolete)
Ecobee Suite - link (updated April 2020)
Enphase Envoy Solar Monitoring - link
Envisalink Alarm Integration (Now supports DSC and Honeywell Vista/Ademco) - link
Envisalink Alarm Integration (Honeywell Vista/Ademco) - link
Homebridge/Homekit - link
Homebridge/Homekit via Maker API - link
Hubitat MQTT Bridge - link
HubDuino (Arduino/ESP8266) - link
Logitech Harmony Hub (ported ST app [cloud]) - link
Logitech Harmony Hub (via webSockets [local]) - link
MyQ Chamberlain/Liftmaster Integration - link
Nest Thermostats, Cameras, Smoke Detectors and Automations - link
Raspberry Pi Stats - link
Roomba Scheduler - link
Shelly Devices - link
TankUtility Propane Tank Monitoring - link
webCoRE on Hubitat - link
Wink Relay - LAN Integration - link
X-10 Integration via Node Red- link

Notifications on your Smartphone or Browser

Instructions for using Pushover in Hubitat - link
Join Api (joaoapps) Link

Multiple Hubitat Hubs / SmartThings Device Integration

HubConnect - Bi-Directional Device sharing across Hubs - link
Link to Hub - Link multiple Hubitat Hubs - link
Instructions SmartThings devices visible in Hubitat (uni-directional) - link
Instructions Hubitat Devices visible in SmartThings OtherHub2 Instructions - link

  • SmartThings OtherHub2 Device Viewer SmartApp - link
  • SmartThings OtherHub2 Device Handlers - link
  • Hubitat Event Pusher App for OtherHub - link

Presence Apps and Drivers

Combined Presence - link
GeoHopper Multi-User Presence - link
HTTP Presence Sensor - link
iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor - link
Presence Central - link

Custom Control Apps

Averaging Temp/Humidity - Link
Garage Opener - link
Keenect Lite- Link
Lockdown - link
Reliable Locks - link
Switch Bindings - link
Smart Humidity Control - link
Smart Mailbox - link
Seasonal Pool Controller - link
Master Switch - link
Scene Switch - link

Lighting Apps and Drivers

Circadian Daylight - link
Lights on Motion Plus app - link
TP-Link plugs, bulbs, and switches - link
Vacation Lighting Director - link

Speech / Verbal Announcements

Alexa TTS - link
BigTalker2 - link
Echo Speaks - link
NOAA Weather Alerts - link
You Got Mail - link


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