Local Control Options for MyQ Garage Door Openers

In the last two years, the MyQ API has changed three times, breaking two different community integrations for MyQ Garage Door openers. This has happened again this week with the new v6 MyQ that has a significant change in the authentication mechanism, prompting several users to describe zigbee/z-wave setups that can be integrated with MyQ Garage Door openers to permit their being controlled locally using Hubitat.

@HAL9000 had suggested we start a new thread to describe these methods. This introductory post is to get that going.


My garage doors are MyQ enabled but I tossed that out a while ago due to similar frustrations.

Been utilizing this method to control the door and tilt sensors to report status of the door. All local.

Some are intimidated by the soldering part, but its a clean solution that sits inside the house. No need to keep it in the garage. Been running strong for over a year and hasn't missed a beat.

I know since I put this together though that there have been some out of box solutions that work with the myq openers but I haven't had any need to change over. This just works greate and controls multiple doors.

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I always think ahead I had a gocontrol already hooked up I just moved all of my rules over to it.


Some doors don't work with a short. I needs a signal or a pulse in order to trigger the opening or closure. So things like go control and a few other devices will not work with certain Chamberlain/LiftMaster garage door openers.


Not by using the terminals on the opener. But there are ways using the wall button or a remote control. It takes a tiny bit of soldering, but it is pretty straightforward. Those "hacks" have been documented here and elsewhere online.


FYI, there are workarounds for these openers, which as you point out require a Security+ 2.0 wireless signal and not just a short at the opener itself.

Simply short the relevant terminals in a wireless remote control or wall button. One can even purchase something pre-wired to avoid the soldering.


So you would use relay (short) on one side and the other side would be connected to the door opener. Am I understanding that correctly? What type of relay would I use? Thanks for this,

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I probably won’t have time to look into it for at least a few weeks. Very busy with work right now.


Any momentary relay. Like a Zooz ZEN17, or this zigbee relay:

MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch,Adjustable Selflock and Momentary Working Mode,Works with Philips Hue, SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home (ZigBee Hub Required)) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X218VMR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_3CQVVZPJTYKA6BW9RBZB


FortrezZ MIMOlite Module should work too. Correct? Setup as a momentary switch.
I'm considering switching it over from the MyQ app to that solution since they keep changing the APIs. Or at least as a backup option.
Thank you for pointing me in a good direction.

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I have an interesting find. I subscribe to Sharptools and use that for any notifications because of the direct SMS capability. Although I have found that my MYQ doors have lost the ability to open and close from within HE I am still getting SMS notifications from Sharptools when the doors open and close. Just for giggles and grins I built Sharptools rule to disarm HSM when a MYQ door opened and it worked.

Are these rules working because HE is sending the data to Sharptools that an event has happened and Sharptools just fires the rule not knowing or disregarding that there is actually no communication from the MyQ app via the API?

@scunny The myq app on you HE is still getting open / close info from your tilt or contact sensor.


Yup. Just be aware that it is zwave and not zwave+.

Right! Good Call. I was looking for a smaller and simpler device.

The zigbee relay I linked to is very small. And like the Mimolite, it can be hardware configured to act as a momentary/latched/inching relay. So the hub only sends a single command to turn it on. It can be configured to turn off by itself a second later.

But if you already have a Mimolite, I'd use that instead.


Thanks. No, I haven't bought anything yet. I'm assuming the Zigbee doesn't have a housing. Trying to keep it somewhat neat.

Correct. You can buy a housing. This is what I bought, and dremelled openings:

@aaiyar Thank you! I will look into this. Thank you so much again.

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Thank you for this. We just moved in to a new house with 4 openers. Added Linear GD00Z controllers to all of them, come to find out one is a brand new MyQ Security+ 2.0 and the GD00Z won't work. Set up MyQ Lite, works great for 5 days, then breaks :man_facepalming: This is why I hate using cloud integrations with unofficial APIs. Ordered one of these Garadget adapters, should give full local control back. Thanks!

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Just want to verify that you can connect multiple wall buttons in parallel, correct? That is, adding the Garadget doesn't preclude also having the existing wall button.

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