MyQ Hubitat Not Logging In Anymore?

Just started getting login errors when using the Hubitat MyQ Lite app. When I try to login via hubitat it gives invalid username/password, which isn't true as I changed the password several times and it refuses to login to the Hubitat app. I can login to the MyQ Android app fine with the same username/password.

MyQ has updated their API which has killed the current integration with Hubitat. How long it will be unavailable is unknown. There is a thread on alternative connections if needed until it hopefully gets fixed.

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Any chance you have a link to the thread? All I'm finding are old. THANK YOU!

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I can't login through Hubitat, but the MyQ app is just fine. Did the API change again?

app:2992023-09-23 11:52:44.332 status code: 403, reason phrase: Forbidden
app:2992023-09-23 11:52:44.131 AMwarnforceLogin: Refreshing login token
app:2992023-09-23 11:52:44.124 AMdebuglogin result next page: mainPage

Same here. Haven't checked for a while, but it is broken right now.

Yes, it was broken about 2 weeks ago and has since been fixed. I just checked mine and still working since I updated last week. You will need to get thee new "Community" version talked about in the following thread.

Some were able to switch the version to the new one in place but it didn't work for me and I just removed the prior version, installed the new Community version, and updated rules and such to work again.


Often a Repair will do the trick.