MyQ Lite application

I haven't touched my hubitat for over a year
Trying to update myQ Lite app that wasn't working for some reason, I heard they change the api or something and I needed to update the myq app, I did delete old app/drivers and copies/pasted new app/drivers
somehow when I put username and password it says username or password is incorrect, I'm wondering if it's related to the fact that chamberlain switched everything to myq instead
anyhow, I searched here but couldn't find much, one suggesting installing hubitat package manager, I don't see it in the list, not sure if I should install it as a developer app, beside the app, how about json, do I need to install them, if so how
Thanks for your assistance

Answered here:


Thx so it's not just me then
Hopefully they can find a work around and release an update
Thx again

skip the myq and just get a relay (and security button if needed). that's what i did, and it's been solid


I'm not sure I understand what you said
I guess I need more research, not sure if there is a topic about it. Anyway It can wait few days hoping a fix will be made

i did a post through my experience with it. pix for everything isn't in the thread, but text should be (it's been a while since i posted that, so not entirely sure).

basically instead of relying on the myq cloud, you can locally control the garage motor to open/close the door


Many different zigbee or z-wave relays could work, but the Zooz Zen16 is a popular choice because it's been out for a long time and has well-documented features & user stories related to garage door use (Zooz even sells an all-in-one garage door kit for it) - it's a solid contender for an off-the-shelf solution without too much DIY-related fuss.

Depending on your willingness to tinker, other relay solutions can be cheaper or more flexible. In my case, the Zen 17 gave me the sensor-related features I wanted, but it's admittedly not as "elegant" of a solution in terms of my UI. That's mostly on me - I'm just too lazy to make it all pretty & super coordinated on my dashboard.

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So @aaiyar put me on this road. Here is what I'm using with a standard garage door opener

Liftmaster drycontact to security 2.0 button

Zooz Zen-16


I have the wiring to the opener from the switch tied into the same terminals as the nicer looking oem button mounted on the garage wall. Then simply run the dry contact wires from the button to the zen-16... Put a tilt sensor on the garage door and boom.... Original wiring and adaptive controller work in tandem. Can still use my oem garage door openers or what have you.


Because the wall button is constantly powered by the opener, I like this approach better than using a remote, which might need batteries to be replaced at an inopportune moment.


that's how i have mine as well. i'm using the same button connected to a relay, then feeding it into the motor in parallel. it works amazingly, and i don't have to worry about myq