WiFi Garage Door Opener

Picked up a cheap, WiFi garage door opener:

The same device seems to be rebranded and sold under different names.

Are there any custom drivers here in the HE community that will operate it?

I can't answer whether that will work with Hubitat, but for $15 you can get a Zigbee relay board that does work with Hubitat, and is completely local.

Or a double version if you have two doors.


Looks like the same device that is used under the Meross brand


Might be a long shot, posting this question here, but not sure where else to find an answer...

Hooked up the WiFi Opener last night. Device itself seems to respond to its app - haven't gotten to trying it with HE yet because... I get an error code with my Liftmaster Garage Door Opener that "The wires for the door control are shorted or the door control is faulty" whenever I try to operate the WiFi opener. Remotes and wall button still operate the opener fine.

The blue and brown wires are coming from the WiFi controller:

Even tried reversing the blue/brown connections with the same result. Any ideas??

Since you have a yellow learn button you have security 2.0+.

@aaiyar explains it here:


Doah. ok, guess I'll have to rethink my approach to operating the door via HE. :man_facepalming:t3:

Thanks for the info!

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just buy a security 2.0 button, wire it to the relay, then from the 2.0 button into the garage door motor. easy peasy

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Unless you’ve never soldered before…

The switch comes prewired. You'd just have to use wirenuts to connect the wires


But how does one wire a security 2.0 button in? It comes wired

Edit nm I think I see. I was assuming it was a wireless button.

IMO the zigbee relay @neonturbo mentioned is the ideal device for this use case. Unless one has few or no other zigbee devices.

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The zigbee relay just replaces the wifi relay, but you need the security 2.0 button to trigger the motor. All the relay does is create a short. Just creating a short on the security 2.0 motor won't trigger it, the signal needs whatever the button provides

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There have been reports of the manufacturer/seller of these Wi-Fi garage door opener remotes supplying a universal remote for this type of application (security+) to their customers for no charge upon request.
No guarantees but worth an email.


I do see in the Amazon listing where, if I email the seller, they'll ship me "the proper accessory" to me free. I'll email them and see.

If not, I rekon something like this will work?:

I like this one as the answer to my needs. Where/how do I get 12v at the garage door opener?

A 12V DC power adapter, like this one:


Or just use a 5V/2A USB power supply with a microusb cable. The adapters that @neonturbo linked to can use that as a power source as well.

Why not just get a zen16 and a security 2.0 dry contact and be done with it?

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It is uncanny to see this device, since I recently made the exact same thing ... and connected it to a Zen16. So, at least I can attest that this solution works quite well with our MyQ opener.

I installed the Zen16 in an enclosure (Orbit 57095) which includes a GFCI outlet. There is plenty of room in the box, so I have some other stuff in there also. I mounted the push button onto the face of the box.

I think that I spent $10 on the Model 883LMW push button. So, $20 or so for a pre-wired version is a fair price.

Why use a my q opener if you have a zen 16?

The MyQ was already here when we bought the house. Fair question, though.

Ok. Got the relay and connected to the Elevation Hub. and have several 12v transformers laying around. I have forgotten how to add the app to the hub. Can someone point me to some general instructions on adding the code from github to control the garage door? I'll see also if I can get the magnetic sensors for door position.