WiFi Garage Door Opener

Picked up a cheap, WiFi garage door opener:

The same device seems to be rebranded and sold under different names.

Are there any custom drivers here in the HE community that will operate it?

I can't answer whether that will work with Hubitat, but for $15 you can get a Zigbee relay board that does work with Hubitat, and is completely local.

Or a double version if you have two doors.


Looks like the same device that is used under the Meross brand


Might be a long shot, posting this question here, but not sure where else to find an answer...

Hooked up the WiFi Opener last night. Device itself seems to respond to its app - haven't gotten to trying it with HE yet because... I get an error code with my Liftmaster Garage Door Opener that "The wires for the door control are shorted or the door control is faulty" whenever I try to operate the WiFi opener. Remotes and wall button still operate the opener fine.

The blue and brown wires are coming from the WiFi controller:

Even tried reversing the blue/brown connections with the same result. Any ideas??

Since you have a yellow learn button you have security 2.0+.

@aaiyar explains it here:


Doah. ok, guess I'll have to rethink my approach to operating the door via HE. :man_facepalming:t3:

Thanks for the info!

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just buy a security 2.0 button, wire it to the relay, then from the 2.0 button into the garage door motor. easy peasy

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Unless you’ve never soldered before…

The switch comes prewired. You'd just have to use wirenuts to connect the wires


But how does one wire a security 2.0 button in? It comes wired

Edit nm I think I see. I was assuming it was a wireless button.

IMO the zigbee relay @neonturbo mentioned is the ideal device for this use case. Unless one has few or no other zigbee devices.

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The zigbee relay just replaces the wifi relay, but you need the security 2.0 button to trigger the motor. All the relay does is create a short. Just creating a short on the security 2.0 motor won't trigger it, the signal needs whatever the button provides

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There have been reports of the manufacturer/seller of these Wi-Fi garage door opener remotes supplying a universal remote for this type of application (security+) to their customers for no charge upon request.
No guarantees but worth an email.


I do see in the Amazon listing where, if I email the seller, they'll ship me "the proper accessory" to me free. I'll email them and see.

If not, I rekon something like this will work?:

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