Anyone using MyQ successfully now?

Hi, I have a new MyQ/Liftmaster GDO. I found the following post: Just got a myq garage door opener, and followed the instructions. Everything went smoothly using the Habitat Package Manager to install MyQ Lite package. However, now I am stuck at the stage where it is asking for my username and password. The problem is, there is no more any such thing as a sign-in. It is exclusively App-based now, and while I do have a userid (email address) in the app, there is no password as such, it is just device authenticated and auto-logs in.

Anyone else face this problem? Is there a work-around? Thanks!

In the app, if you click on the circle with initials in it (upper left corner) that will take you into your account. Go into manage account/change password and you should be able to setup the password.


Thank you for the reply. When I go to Manage Account, there are only 3 options: Edit Profile, Manage Home, Notification Settings. Edit Profile does not have any passwords settings, neither do the other two. Is your app showing something else?

This is what mine shows

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Mine is this

Very strange. To be honest I don’t use the MyQ Lite integration. I grew tired of their API changes, outages, etc and went with a local controlled solution instead using a Garadget button and a Zooz Zen17 relay. See this thread for details:

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That is odd. When you created the account via the app did you use the single sign on option? Maybe try logging out of the app, go to the logon and see if there is an option for forgot password.

Thanks, @ritchierich & @CaptWoody. For now, my needs are just to know the status of the GDO, and create automations based on its status (For actuation, I can just use the MyQ app). For this, I decided to just use a Z-Wave tilt sensor I already had to get the status locally, and base automations off of it, similar to what Michael said. When I have more motivation, I will definitely try CaptWoody's suggestion and see if that works.