Local Control Options for MyQ Garage Door Openers

Okay guys, I'm lost here. Did MyQ Lite stop working? Mine still works. I am able to open/close from HE routines with no issues.


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Yes, many of us have lost communication with MyQ. They have changed how the authentication works and the APIs.


Oh this is very cool! I wanted to switch over to a local option but didn't know there was a way to do it within my abilities. Thanks for this.. Ordered. Goodbye MyQ cloud!

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I need to control 2 doors. I see that garadget has a wireless 3 door controller as well as the one you referenced. I also see that MHCOZY also has a 2 channel Zigbee relay.

Would the 2 channel MHCOZY pair as 2 different devices in HE? If so, am I correct that I could install these anywhere within wireless range of the MyQ openers and have a working alternative to the MyQ Lite app

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It will pair as one device. Then manually change the driver to "Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch". Then click on "Configure". This will create a child device for the second relay.

This depends. If you connect the relay terminals to wireless remotes, then you could place this anywhere within wireless range of the MyQ openers. If you connect the relay terminals to two Security+ 2.0 wall switches (like the one I've linked to above), then because the wall switches have to be physically connected to the openers, you will be limited by the length of the wiring that you use.

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Thanks for your help and input. It appears the relay(s) can be powered with a 5 volt micro or other usb type wall wart?

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Yup. Either a power supply (5V/1A) with a microUSB connector. Or a wall wart that provides 7-32 VDC (or VAC). I'm actually using a 9V power supply that I had left over from some other project.

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FYI, platform 2.2.9 will add official compatibility for the zigbee relays (1, 2, 4 channel) that I linked above, so the "Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch" driver will not have to be selected manually.


I'm using the ZEN17 for this and it's flawless. I just noticed that my MyQ integration wasn't working today and happened across this thread. Luckily, I had already set up my ZEN17 so no loss in functionality. I had both solutions going for some reason, but I guess this seals the deal and I get to get rid of one more app on the C5!

Zooz also has a ready made app to replicate garage door functionality so it's very very easy to set up automations. My only other advice would be to also purchase a tilt sensor (I'm using a ST multisensor) to provide physical status.


If you don't want to solder in remotes, and wish to wire something directly to the garage opener terminals, you can use a Universal Security+ 2.0 Interface Module.

This is exactly what I use between a Fortrezz MIMO2 and our Liftmaster openers. I also gave up on the Linear/GoControl devices. They die and behave weird after a couple of years.

There is also an app/driver from Zooz to make the MIMO's simulate garage door devices.

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I took a completely different route. I installed a MyQ Home Bridge to connect it to HomeKit. My door opener was already MyQ/WiFi enabled, so this was a small step.

I connect it to HE via Homebridge. I have a several devices that only speak HomeKit so it just made sense for my situation. I already had Homebridge up and running. It was actually pretty easy to get installed and the integration to HE configured (via virtual devices exposed to HomeKit via Homebridge).


MyQ was working great for me until today… (Maybe they’re implementing the change in batches?) So I also had to implement a new solution tonight.

I happened to have a spare Shelly Uni and set up une of the relays as a trigger for my garage door. It works great! The only disadvantage is that there is no more blinking / beeping notification. (I could probably figure something out for that…)

Used this app to bring it all together:

Took me a few tries to get it up and running, but it works great! I setup the driver to automatically turn off after 1s.

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Interesting to hear you prefer the blinking/beeping but I guess it probably would be a valuable feature for the majority of people now that I think about it.

Getting rid of the blinking and especially the two minutes of annoying beeping were some of the biggest reasons I moved away from the MyQ service a year or two ago via similar dry-contact approach.


Here's a nice MyQ multi-door write-up:


Thanks. I did order the 3 button remote from Garadget and the 2 zone ZigBee dry contact.


Replacing the MyQ solution with the ZEN16 worked beautifully. The instructions here worked without issue.

The ZEN16 will only work [update: following the instructions you cited] with an opener that has a simple momentary contact wall switch. So you had MyQ retrofitted to that technology of opener, correct? The ZEN16 won't work with an opener that has MyQ built in [update: following the instructions you cited] .

Right. I have a simple old school button as the opener on the wall. The MyQ was a later retrofit, so moving to the ZEN16 was easy in this case. Not sure if my case is common or not, but at least for this situation, it was rip and replace.

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I bought one of these for similar reasons. I have to say it is by far the biggest piece of sh!t IOT devices I own and use. And it's way overpriced. Most of the time the Apple Home app shows "No response" even as the MyQ app has no problem controlling the doors. There's an AP in the garage. And setting it up was a giant pain. The negative reviews on the Chamberlain site (sort by most recent) are on the right track. Having said that, when it works, it works OK.