[Broken] MyQ Lite Application

I am taking this opportunity to (finally) wire in the Zooz Zen17 relay I got to do this. I knew this day was coming where MyQ would stop working. If even only temporarily.

My advice for everyone is to use a Zigbee or Zwave relay and completely bypass MyQ. Keep the control within your hub. @aaiyar posted about some inexpensive Zigbee relays a month or two ago for those who want Zigbee, or are on a budget.


I'm really lovin' my Z17 out in garage - I have 2 hard-wired (dumb) reed sensors on it (one for fully closed, one for fully open), and one of the relays is set up as the opener "button" (I'm not using the 2nd relay). It all works great!

We rarely use the relay opener, but it's definitely a nice emergency backup option. Rules involving both contact sensors give me confidence that the door is always in the desired position (and not stuck in between for any reason). I like hardwired position sensors since it's a detached garage up here in MN, and I avoid battery-powered stuff as much as I can in unconditioned space like that.


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Can you provide the details of HOW you wired everything? (Maybe a pic would be nice ;-)) Was this done at the opener or the controller? Will one Z17 work for 2 doors, or do you need 2 controllers (suspect so).

I have my two dumb reed sensors (full-open & full-closed) wired in at S1/C and S2/C respectively. The wires connecting to the GDO for actuation are at Relay 1's NO slot (red wire) and C slot (white wire). My GDO is super basic - no Security-2.0+ or whatever that stuff is.

I just have one door, so I'm not using Relay 2 for anything. Depending on how you want to integrate door position sensors, you could absolutely use the 2nd relay for a 2nd GDO.

The reason I like Z17 (vs Z16) is that the 2 sensor connections can be used totally independently from the 2 relays - that's not possible with the Z16. Other than being managed from the same Z17 device, my sensors have nothing at all to do with my relay.

My dashboard setup is pretty ghetto due to my own laziness, but it works for me...

I have a dashboard button for the relay that simulates the physical wall switch or remote button. I programmed the door's relay to go auto-off after one second, so although it's not a momentary button per se, it acts just like it in reality.

I have tiles for each of the 2 dumb reed sensors that confirm if each is open or fully closed. If both show open (hasn't happened yet - knock on wood!), then I know I have a problem with the door being stuck.

The main win for me is associated rules - I have rules that monitor the door operation - when one contact sensor opens, it waits 18" to confirm that the other sensor closes. If not, I get an alert. If the closed-door sensor is not closed when mode goes to "away" I get an alert. Etc etc... Not all of that is unique to my setup, but I really like having confirmation that the door position is exactly correct. For most folks, a simple tilt sensor does fine for monitoring position, but I wanted more robustness than that.

ETA - a bit more on the GDO connection... I used 18-2 t-stat wire for all of my LV connections (reed sensors and Z17->GDO relay) since I had a bunch laying around from a diff project. Using a 3-port Wago lever nut, I connected the wall switch's (exising) red wire to my (new) red wire from the Z17 relay and then pigtailed a single (new) red wire down the the proper connection point on the GDO itself. Same thing with all the corresponding white wires. That just made for cleaner & saner-to-deal-with connections at the GDO unit.


Just noticed it was down today myself. Darn. Such a hassle. Here's to hoping it's fixed soon!

you know, on the note of the MyQ not working with HE right now due to API changes (I hope that it gets fixed and updated soon) I noticed that my MyQ app has on several occasions asked me for a new Password several times over the last week or so.

not only did they mess up the HE , they messed up their own app.

Well I went and got a remote on order from Amazon for my 3 8500W. I'm hoping that I can do the solder trick with those. I have a feeling this is not going to be fixed anytime soon. Such a bummer

wow, i was wondering why my quit working. Hope we have a fix soon..

Until a coule of days ago, MyQ Lite worked perfectly. All of a sudden, it no longer does. Anybody have a clue? Thanks.

Read up about 5-6 posts?


This type of thing is what underscores the importance of never using anything in the public cloud. Ultimately it will change and it will break or they will obsolete it. I am hoping for an update, but I am doubtful.

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What a pain, I setup shortcuts on my iPhone so I can use Siri to open my doors from our car and those are all dead as well.
Hopefully the MyQ App gets updated here soon, I forgot how much I use it in my dashboard until it broke.


It's like the dumber the garage opener is, the easier it is to control. Liftmaster MyQ is never going to stop modifying their stuff, wifi then amazon, then whatever doo dads they like to add to the app. It's fine for users that don't do what we do I guess. If I had to do it again, I'd stay far away from their openers and just get something I can work with zwave zoozs or mimo lite controllers.

One thing I have found however is…

I have Hubitat automatically open the garage door when we arrive home. I have seen it occur once that it took a bit of time to detect me, so I pressed the opener button in the vehicle to open the door. However, soon after, Hubitat detected me… The garage door app hadn’t yet recognized the door was opening so pressed the button. The door closed.

Had I not been paying attention, I might have crashed into the closing door! (Door is black which looks great, but can at times make one think the door is open when it is not…)

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This is exactly the reason I have not implemented any alternative.

I don’t want to give up the separate Open and Close commands.

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But you can fix that in software, no? Have a virtual garage door open button that checks the contact/tilt on the door, and operates the door iff closed.


Yeah I guess you are correct. If the paper request comes through, and the door is not closed, then skip sending the toggle command. Ok this could work.

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Started doing a little research, I'll keep playing but I'm not completely sure this will be possible. Hubitat doesn't allow me to tell it not to follow a redirect URL. This may present a problem. I'll keep looking but I encountered this issue with a different API and there was no way around it.


Hi there... Just wanting to clarify ... as of now...there is no way to get the door to open and close through Hubitat or as Google Home routine without having a 3rd party sensor? I can use the myQ app but I want it built into something, not a different app.

I tried doing virtual switches and locks etc but it won't allow me to select the garage door as the device to action.