[Broken] MyQ Lite Application


The current version is the " 2023 Community Version" found by searching HPM for MyQ. More info is at this link.

A few months ago MyQ changed their API breaking existing Hubitat integrations. I was able to get the SmartThings version ported over to HE. If you're looking for it, you can find the latest code at GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-myq: Integrate SmartThings with MyQ


Can I recommend that you change the ReadMe so people don't think they're in the wrong place. Or at least remove it.

I deleted it for the time being.


I don't want to nag, but I don't understand what needs to be installed? is there any details?

Should I be worried about these messages:

Did you install the correct Drivers as well?

Precisely what I forgot to do... I forgot that they were updated as well.


ok.. looks like it installed, i will try as soon as i get home. BTW, the momentary button namespace was "smartthings" I had to rename it to "brbeaird"

I'm curious - where did you install this?

I assume you're referring to the file:

Feel free to shake your heads and laugh at me for this question, but I'm using a Samsung multi-sensor for my tilt sensor, and the device setting suggest using it without the magnet and without the three axis reporting when using it with a Garage Door. That makes no sense to me. Right now the sensor is stuck to the door & the magnet stuck to the rail, right next to the sensor. The sensor reads open / closed appropriately. How would you make this work without the magnet, or are the sensor preferences just nuts. Could you enable the tilt sensor to show open / closed vs the contact sensor? I can't figure that out if that's the idea



No, you have to pick one or the other. Either the magnet for open/close or the 3-axis tilt. Doing neither will make this only a temperature sensor. :slight_smile:

That makes more sense, Here are the settings I chose. The parenthesis were throwing me


Is there a way to disable the Are You Sure dialogue when you open/close garage?

That's a Dashboard function that isn't unique to this app. It happens for all garage doors and locks. It might be changeable by editing the CSS for that template directly - I'm no expert on that and don't know if its possible, but perhaps someone like @Ryan780 can chime in.

Not using the Garage Door Control template, no. But you could use the switch template. On = open and off = close.


I'll give that a try. Appreciate the help. Awesome app! Thanks

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Is anyone else have problems with this app getting out of sync with the MyQ app? When it happens nether app works.

Yes, I've noticed it particularly with the lighting module when the physical switch is used to change state

Does anyone know how to change the coloration of the switch template to mirror the red / green of the garage door template?

In the dashboard? There is an option to edit the templates at the top of the menu when you open the cog wheel menu of the dashboard. It's pretty simple, i would suggest you give it a try. You won't hurt anything.