Controlling a Genie Powerlift 900 Garage door opener based on temperature

I have a Genie Powerlift 900 garage door opener that I would like to automatically open and shut base on temperature. The reason for this is that I have a hydroponic microgreen farm and the germination is being done in the garage. When it gets too cool the door needs to be shut and when it gets to warm it needs to be open. I see a lot about be able to open and close based on arriving or leaving but not temperature. I would also like to be able to know if it's actually open or shut.

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If you already have an integration for he Genie Powerlift 900 Garage door opener, doing an automation based on temperature is pretty easy.

Using Rule Machine:

Temperature < X

Close door
Wait for Temperature > Y
Open door

You can get the Temperature with a temperature sensor in the garage - do you have one already?

If your driver doesn’t indicate if the door is open or shut, you could add either a contact sensor or a tilt sensor to the door to provide you with this information.

If you don’t have a driver to open/close the door, you can do this by adding a relay (Zen16, Shelly 1, Shelly Uni, etc.) to the button that controls opening and closing the door.

Does this help?

I am starting from scratch so I will look at the relays. The shelly relays look very interesting. They are wifi based but seem to have native integration into hubitat. I want to keep a manual switch to be able to simply open and close when I would like. I am also looking for a sensor to know if the door is in fact open or closed at a given time.

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This thread might have some information that you will find interesting. It was started as a spin-off of the MyQ Garage integration thread when they made a change that broke the integration.

I use the Go-Control controller. Availability is sometimes hit and miss, but when available cost about $100. The z-wave integration and control works great - they come with a tilt sensor which provides open / opening / closed / closing events. They do have a built in 30 sec delay between commands to allow the door to fully open/close which you cannot override or change (no functions to disable that I have found). Also provide a warning prior to open/close with flashing LED and beeping.

There are used ones available on EBay for less, sometimes under the Iris or Linear names.