[Broken] MyQ Lite Application

You are correct, he’s having issues with the redirect and will possibly spin up a web service to help. Here is his latest update:

I’ve moved on to using a button and local relay and haven’t looked back.


Yes, I'm thinking the same on MyQ Lite app for Hubitat. Time to move on since I doubt even if he gets it working using another cloud service there won't be issues eventual. Better to get in working locally.

I ordered the Garadget Security+ 2.0 Wired Dry Contact Adapter and the ZEN16 relay yesterday.


Yep having issues too.

I never really use the MyQ app on my Android phone but when I tried using it today, I notice now that I have to click once to get the open or close icon.
Then I have to click it a 2nd time to execute the open or close command.
This might been changed in an older update, but I remember only to have to click the garage icon one time to open or close it.
Hubitat has me spoiled. :grin:

Clicking it One time

Clicking on it a 2nd time.

That is the way it has always been for me. I think it's a safty feature so you don't just fat finger it.

when it worked in my HE, I always made sure it gave me a are you sure prompts cause it would be too easy to open and close the doors or locks.


Does this work with 3500 Series MyQ openers? I'm thinking it does not because it says so on the website!

Believe 3500 is just Security+ meaning that you can just short/briefly connect the 2 opener wires to activate the opener. Give that a try to confirm. If so you won’t need this 2.0 device and could use a zen16/17 directly to open the door or any dry contact relay. I personally went with a Zigbee one.

But we should take this conversation to this thread:


I don't have a 3500 Series so I can't help. I would do what @ritchierich mentions above and if it works you'll know.

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If Hubitat is willing/able to add support for the feature I need I can definitely get this working rather quickly. If they don't, not too much I can do though. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything other than @tomw mentioning @gopher.ny would take a look in response do a different integration stalled by this. So we'll see. Definitely WAY better likelihood that HE adds the feature vs ST :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yeah I have that part working fine already. The problem is getting the initial token. Looks like he’s building a python app to do the initial login or something else outside of smartthings. I’d really like to avoid that. To me that makes this too difficult to use for the masses.


Yes. As I said, trying to avoid this technique. It’s messy. If for any reason your hub loses the token (like it’s turned off for a day) you have to go through this whole token process again on a pc.

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Thanks. Yeah I’m just stating for the general group here that I’m not planning to take that path so people don’t assume a release is forthcoming.


Thanks I ordered a Garadget, I have a 3500 and 2 -3500W. I'll update here

@dman2306 , thanks for you work... could you tell me what exactly you need from the hubitat team?
(im not involved with them, but just wondering... and to let people to know what we need to request from them)


It was specified in post 466 above. The Hubitat team have been informed - hopefully this is something that they can do!


I’m assuming that a try..catch block catches the exception too late?

The issue is that you need info in the response from the intermediate page, before following the redirect. So, you need an option to stop there before redirecting, so you can extract the data and form the proper response to the server. The exception occurs when trying to access the redirected URL, which is too late.

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Thanks for verifying, was away from where I could test…

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I was able to get Garadget working with my 8500W Liftmaster as expected. I used a zooz controller. But now how do I get a single door that tracks my tilt sensor and uses the Zooz to open and close? Or do I need two tiles for every door now, Open - Close - Then Tilt sensor read - open close?

Search for a virtual garage door opener and you’ll find several like this one:

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Got this hooked up over the weekend and works like a champ.