MyQ garage door app stopped working, HTTP 400 on login

The app for Hubitat/MyQ garage door integration has been working great for me for a while (with door sensor). Recently it stopped responding, which I tracked down to a HTTP 400 (Bad Request) response to the login POST sent by the app integration.

I have verified that the MyQ login/password are correct, and that my phone MyQ app works happy as a clam.

I've removed/reinstalled the Hubitat MyQ app/drivers and the errors continue. Is this a known issue ?

Uncommenting the debug code in the app the logs are:

The other curious thing that may be related is that I upgraded the hub to around the same time, so I hope it's not a bug in the core HTTP code.


There are multiple recent threads about this. In short, MyQ changed the API, and it may or may not be fixable. Here are a couple posts that talk about this.


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