[Broken] MyQ Lite Application

FYI: the ST app upon which this is based has found a solution. I don't know how hard it is to port to HE -- I was going to take a look at the diffs momentarily.

There are elements of this "solution" that are... well, let's say undesirable for a community developer to support in the long term - these have already been discussed earlier in this thread.

But the bigger issue is that this solution is just yet another band-aid on the ongoing problem of this type of access/capability being not at all sanctioned or even just tacitly tolerated by Chamberlain/MyQ. That's why there's never been official support for it (just community apps).

It's a simple matter of time before Chamberlain/MyQ purposefully does something to break this solution too - they always do. Why put up with it? Just move on to a local solution instead.


Yup I've taken all your responses to my note and have ordered a zooz relay. I have an unused remote that I'll solder the leads on and set it up to work with that as well since I have a B970c with Security+ 2.0

Thanks all


I think it's clear that there's a local solution. But I already have the MyQ opener and don't feel the need to add yet another controller to this. The last edition of the code worked fine for quite some time, and I don't depend on this -- it's just handy to integrate with HE as well as my alarm and MyQ app.

I was looking for where the discussion had addressed the solution implemented here, but couldn't find it amongst the clanging gongs of "just go local".

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You’re right, we (I’m guilty as well) have diverted this thread from the developer’s intended purpose. Maybe @bobbyD could help us out and split this into 2 threads one for support of the app, and one to discuss alternatives (may already be at least one of those).

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There are already a few threads about local alternatives

Here is one :slight_smile:


I was successful in providing local control to my garage doors in Hubitat. I took your lead and it worked out great. https://discussion.scottibyte.com/t/remove-the-cloud-from-myq-garage-door-openers/


Glad you got it up and running but you didn’t follow my lead. Lol. I’m still working on mine.

I realized that my chamberlain had a separate up and down buttons !!

Well then I just had to check that out.

I just have to say that local control rocks. Yet one more cloud service I have dodged.


We got myq for $10 but received a $30 credit for using Amazon key, so we got myq for cheaper than free. I’d rather not spend any more money on a non-essential part of my smart home. My main worry about this integration breaking is Alexa control of the garage door, not Hubitat control. My current setup:

Hubitat Myq lite with a no-tilt device (even though my device has a tilt sensor, it doesn’t work when I put a tilt device). I get separate open and close buttons.

Then, I can ask alexa to open or close the Hubitat garage door, but I cannot ask it if it open.

Is there any way to restore this link (preferably I’d be able to get the state of the device)? I’ve heard of simple commands but it seems complicated.

The myq tilt sensor doesn't properly work with anything else but myq. I would recommend an ecolink garage tilt sensor. That will give you proper readings.


You can use the approach described by @thebearmay:

  1. Integrate MyQ with Homebridge, and Homebridge with NR
  2. Integrate Hubitat with NR
  3. Use the Homebridge garage device to update the state of a Hubitat virtual garage door
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There really are easier ways to get the garage to go up and down with one button.. like using a remote and a dry switch..


Thanks, ill try this. I already have it set up in home bridge, so this will be my first dive into node-red.

Has the MyQ changes impacted the ability to uninstall MyQ Lite? I get this:

There was a problem removing your device(s). Check the IDE logs for details.

But the log doesn't have details...

Should I just click the looming red Remove button? Or is that as bad as the color makes it seem? I want to keep the door sensors since I'm using them in the local work-around.

They aren't related. How did you install MyQ Lite? Manually or via HPM? If manually clicking the remove button will do it, cannot remember if the linked/child garage door is removed automatically when you uninstall the app. If not you might need to remove that too. Once done you can remove the app and driver code.

I would suggest downloading a backup before you remove these just in case it gets rid of something you need as you can always restore the backup.

The sensors are separate devices so those should remain around.

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Not accurate. No one said this. In fact they said they’re trying to add it.

No one is stopping anyone from doing this. I’m just saying I don’t want to do it.


I don;t think they did, but at the same time, I do not see them going though any certification process for MyQ in anyway. I just don't see them being able to collaborate with Chamberland or whoever. .

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. None of that is needed. A simple change to a Hubitat API method is all we need.


right, and they could, but 1. doing it for 1 service, that only very few use, we'll see, also , I can see MyQ breaking it again by coming up with some new method.

I guess what I am saying and many others have, there are better ways to get this to work without playing cat and mouse .