[Broken] MyQ Lite Application

If someone gets it working on ST we can probably get it working here too. I suspect, however, when they give it a try they’ll hit the same wall I did. I think the ST author is wrong and won’t be able to make it work. But I’d be happy to be wrong!


FYI... From a ST Forum Posting about an hour ago.

brbeaird [Developer]

I’ve been following some of the other integration projects, and a few people have reported intermittent connection issues. It seems to be related to maintenance MyQ is continuing to do. Either way, it has not gotten in my way. Progress is happening, but it’s slow going. We’ll get there.


My question is why even bother? For 75.00 I was able to completely forget about MyQ and the repeated outages because they keep trying to put us all behind their paywall after we have spent good money to buy their products, not to mention I have more control of my doors now and it is completely local.


Anyone with a LiftMaster Elite 8500 opener find a non-cloud, non-myq solution?

Let's say you can hold your breath long enough to see this current conundrum through (assuming a fix is even possible this time)... How long until you're back in this same spot yet again when MyQ suddenly decides to mess around more with their cloud? If this pattern hasn't gotten old for you yet, it will. Do yourself a favor and get off that merry-go-round :+1:


There is a whole thread that discusses this. Local Control Options for MyQ Garage Door Openers


I was pretty bummed about this whole ordeal as I had used it a lot, but thankfully for me, it was virtually free to migrate to a local solution. I had an unused garage door opener and already had a ZEN16 on that side of the house that I was only using 1 set of contacts for, so all in, the process took about an hour. It would have taken less time if I hadn't used some leftover telephone wire for the project - I needed 4 conductors and the spool was just sitting there collecting dust, so it seemed ideal. However, it kept breaking when I would attach it to the ZEN16 terminals because it was so thin (and a complete PITA to strip since it's not really designed for that).

MyQ will now pretty much be used by Amazon only.


@glc zooz zen-16 + liftmaster dry contact to security 2.0 button + ecolink tilt sensor


You are correct, he’s having issues with the redirect and will possibly spin up a web service to help. Here is his latest update:

I’ve moved on to using a button and local relay and haven’t looked back.


Yes, I'm thinking the same on MyQ Lite app for Hubitat. Time to move on since I doubt even if he gets it working using another cloud service there won't be issues eventual. Better to get in working locally.

I ordered the Garadget Security+ 2.0 Wired Dry Contact Adapter and the ZEN16 relay yesterday.


Yep having issues too.

I never really use the MyQ app on my Android phone but when I tried using it today, I notice now that I have to click once to get the open or close icon.
Then I have to click it a 2nd time to execute the open or close command.
This might been changed in an older update, but I remember only to have to click the garage icon one time to open or close it.
Hubitat has me spoiled. :grin:

Clicking it One time

Clicking on it a 2nd time.

That is the way it has always been for me. I think it's a safty feature so you don't just fat finger it.

when it worked in my HE, I always made sure it gave me a are you sure prompts cause it would be too easy to open and close the doors or locks.


Does this work with 3500 Series MyQ openers? I'm thinking it does not because it says so on the website!

Believe 3500 is just Security+ meaning that you can just short/briefly connect the 2 opener wires to activate the opener. Give that a try to confirm. If so you won’t need this 2.0 device and could use a zen16/17 directly to open the door or any dry contact relay. I personally went with a Zigbee one.

But we should take this conversation to this thread:


I don't have a 3500 Series so I can't help. I would do what @ritchierich mentions above and if it works you'll know.

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If Hubitat is willing/able to add support for the feature I need I can definitely get this working rather quickly. If they don't, not too much I can do though. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything other than @tomw mentioning @gopher.ny would take a look in response do a different integration stalled by this. So we'll see. Definitely WAY better likelihood that HE adds the feature vs ST :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yeah I have that part working fine already. The problem is getting the initial token. Looks like he’s building a python app to do the initial login or something else outside of smartthings. I’d really like to avoid that. To me that makes this too difficult to use for the masses.


Yes. As I said, trying to avoid this technique. It’s messy. If for any reason your hub loses the token (like it’s turned off for a day) you have to go through this whole token process again on a pc.

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Thanks. Yeah I’m just stating for the general group here that I’m not planning to take that path so people don’t assume a release is forthcoming.


Thanks I ordered a Garadget, I have a 3500 and 2 -3500W. I'll update here