[Broken] MyQ Lite Application

Yup did more digging. I'm fairly certain this won't be achievable unless @gopher.ny is able to add a noFollowRedirect: true to the httpPost method. The reason is, the API to login will return a 302 redirect to com.myqops://ios when Hubitat sees that it says "I don't know what that kind of URL is" and throws an exception. That prevents me from completing the login process. Unless @gopher.ny has some words of wisdom, I think we're stuck :frowning:


I seconded (or thirded?) the same request here recently, and Victor ACKed by saying he'd look into level of effort: Disable following redirects in httpGet call? - #10 by gopher.ny

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Thanks. At least this confirms my suspicion that I’m at a brick wall :confused:


I definitely don't want to count out this app as I'm sure the developer(s) involved will be able to Crack it. But for curiosity sake, has anyone considered using a z-wave relay type device to control their garage door? I'm guessing there is some reason we would rather use this API, I just wanted to see what the common thought was.

Yes, many of us here do exactly that, and we consider it a much more preferable solution (local control vs cloud dependency). If you search the community here for variations around "z-wave garage door opener", you finds LOTS of good ideas.

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There is a current, active discussion about alternatives such as that.


I updated the thread title to indicate this is now broken. Unfortunately, unless Hubitat releases an updated firmware with a change that is needed, this app is now defunct. Since I don’t know whether they will/won’t add the feature, I’d recommend considering alternatives.


Thanks so much for all your work on this. I only used it in the couple months since we built a garage earlier in the summer, but it worked perfectly.

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Thank you @dman2306

I am very sorry to hear this. I've been using your app for at least 6-months and it was great! Thank you for all the time & effort you put into this -- it has been very much appreciated!


I'm bummed that myQ has made the changes, but I knew this was going to happen. I am glad alteast their app works, but that is obvious!

I ended up doing a relay that shorts out the pin of a remote and used a Garage app that I found that used the tilt sensors I had to add. its nice to be back on all local, but the myQ beep before the doors closed were welcome addition for safety.

perhaps one day we will find out how to access the MyQ local, and be really happy!

If we had a simple device that had these capabilities:

capability "Door Control"
capability "Garage Door Control"
capability "Contact Sensor"

Then we could just do all of the integration via IFTTT, right? I already have IFTTT syncing the status back from MyQ to a virtual device. We could sync changes from this device to MyQ via IFTTT, right?

Ifttt is cloud based and can break also.


That's certainly true, but it would not currently be broken

I don't know if IFTTT will allow you to open the door. As I remember it will only allow you to close.


I saw on ST that the original author last post there was he understood what needed to be done and was trying to figuring out how to do it in groovy. Isn't this based on the ST version and the fix could also work here? Of course, if it can be done in groovy.

Ah, good call. That sucks.

If you look up about 10 posts, the maintainer of the Hubitat code also understands the fix. That isn't the issue.

The issue is that the security on the hub doesn't allow the method needed to fix this. Unless Hubitat is willing to change the item outlined in post 466 above.


I did read his post but it was missing the why. Thanks for providing the reason why the firmware change is needed.

And you can't open with IFTTT.