Zooz Zen17 How to Wire directly to garage door opener

Hello! I have a
-Chamberlain garage door opener
-Zooz Zen 17 Relay with hard wired power supply
-Elevation C8
-Ecolink tilt Sensor

I want to set up my garage door- first question:
Where do I plug in the relay? I want it to be up in the ceiling next to the opener as I have a power plug there- so I would like to connect the relay directly to the GDO
here is a pic of the GDO

The wires connet to the 2 safetly sensors on either side of the bottom of the garage door- to prevent the door from closing if anything is in the way-

so my question is- from which ports on the relay should I connect to which ports on the GDO?

thanks in advance

Take a read through this thread - it gives examples for each of the learn button colors:

Are you saying both of those wires are going to your safety sensors? The wire on the left (connecting to the red & white terminals) usually goes to the wall switch.

Can you confirm if that's true?

Since you have a purple learn button, I don't think you'll need a security adapter. If the left wire does indeed go to a wall switch, then those are the terminals you'd also use for the Z17. And you can verify no security adapter is needed by shorting those two terminals - if the door opens, then no security adapter needed.

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Ah! Thanks hydro311- I actually just ■■■-u-me-d they were both going to the sensors- I will check now! Thanks! If it turns out they are going to the wall mounted switch, which terminals on the relay should I use?

I don't use a Z17 anymore for my GDO, but IIRC back when I did, I did something overall similar to Zooz's recommendation.

You would use NO & C on R1 for control by relay one.

What’s your new solution and why did you switch?

I swapped out for a Z16v2. It's a detached garage with just one door, but I use the other 2 relays to manage a unique lighting setup, and I'm using the 3 "S" slots for wired dumb/reed contact sensors (1 garage full open, 1 garage full closed, 1 for the service door).

The 16v2 was exactly what I hoped Zooz would someday make - 3 R/Ss and the ability to decouple them. It's all working great, especially thanks to Jeff's awesome driver. He'll soon make a similar driver for the Z17, and that will be a big win too.


That’s good to hear. I just bought a Z16v2 for 3 garage doors and was thinking about using wired sensors.

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You'll like it - Jeff's driver works great and it exposes all parameters.

Hello- Thanks everone- I got the first part completed! I connected as follows:

  • red bell wire from R1 NO to red terminal on the GDO
  • white bell wire from R1 C to white terminal on GDO
    I ended up splicing off some of the extra wire and using that to make the relay connections, I just stuffed them into the terminal on the GDO along with the wires that were aloready there from the wall mounted push button
    Hubitat found the relay right away, and I can now open the garage door from the devices button .

One thing that is strange is that when I hit the hubitat button the door opens all the way. then if I hit the button again, the relay clicks but nothing happens, then if I hit it again the door closes.
I think each button press toggles the circuit open/closed?
in any event- Im excited! I have a tilt sensor coming so once that is here I can use the zooz garage door app! here:

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It sounds like you don't an auto-off programmed for the relay (such that it mimics momentary switch behavior [the GDO's wall switch is just a momentary switch, for example]), so that second press is currently just turning the relay off.

The auto-off can be accomplished a number of ways, but is easiest to just do via the Zooz garage door app - it has an option for it.

Excellent! I cant finish the set up for my Zooz Garage Door app until my tilt sensor comes in ( tomorrow) so for now I do the following workaround:
-added Pico Paddle remote to lutron integration app
Basic rule:
--set button 1(top of paddle) to 2 actions
---action 1 - turn off relay
----action 2 turn on relay

works like a charm!

Tomorrow when the tilt sensor arrives I'll set that up and report back

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Nice! Sounds like you're making good use of the Pico possibilities too. When I first got my Hubitat (I already had Caseta set up), I didn't think I'd get much mileage out of integrating Picos for non-Caseta stuff, but now we use quite a few all over - it's a great little remote.

Check out the Button Controller app (I think there's a "Basic" version of it too) - it's an easy way to manage Picos and any smart-switches that you also use as scene controllers.

Hubitat Addict reporting for duty! They should put a warning label on this- its Highly Addictive! I installed the tilt sensor and added it, finished the garage door app settings, and we are up and running. I made a basic rule to open the door at specific time- tested and worked! now I am testing a rule to close the door if it is opened for more than 30 minutes. nice!

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Even after the price increase (here in Canada) Picos are still the BEST remote button control solution for our setup. I still find myself buying one here and there to use for this and that. They just work. 100% of the time.

We were also use pico for our garage door. Can't beat it.

Hello Again! I have a new problem:
rule is set to close the door if open for 20 minutes
-problem: Daughter hears ice cream truck, throws bike downwhere door should close, rule runs but fails to close door as the safety sensors do not allow door to close with bike in the way.
door remains open indefinitely

So- how can I basically do an IF door fails to close, try to close door again in another 20 minutes?