[RELEASE] Z-Wave Universal Device Scanner

Z-Wave Universal Device Scanner - eventual goal is to bundle the features of the multiple utility drivers into one, plus additional features. Features to be included from the generic 'Device' driver, Basic Z-Wave Tool, and Z-Wave Tweaker.

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  • Get Info - this mimics this same command from the 'Device' driver. Requests make/model info from the device, saves it to the data and prints the fingerprint in the logs.
  • Set Lifeline Association - Useful after a firmware update if the device is no longer reporting back to the hub, try sending this command it might fix it without having to re-pair.
  • Scan Parameters - This fully scans the device using ConfigurationPropertiesGet (and optionally ConfigurationNameGet and ConfigurationInfoGet). Saves all the info returned to the device data, then generates a parameters list on the fly from it. Toggle options in the preferences can enable the Name and Info scanning.
  • Sync From Device - Use this after scanning the parameters to sync over the current settings as a starting point, run after the Scan and before saving so you do not overwrite your current settings!

Please try this out on various devices, it may not work on older devices so don't be surprised if it just stalls out sometimes.

Current Driver Version: 0.2.0

Verified Devices

Verified Devices:

  • ZEN17 Universal Relay - Fully Functional
  • ZEN7x Switch/Dimmers - Some have issues reporting the Name/Info but otherwise work
  • ZEN32 Scene Controller - Fully Functional
  • ZAC36 Valve Control - Due to unique nature of parameters, not recommended.

Known Issues

Known Issues:

  • Do not try to scan multiple devices at once
  • If device does not support these features it will just get stuck scanning the first parameter
  • Try more than once if it gets stuck, its a LOT of zwave commands so the device might have to re-route before it will work fully

Manually Install / Import from GitHub Repository:

[Repository Link] -- [Raw File Import Link]

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ZEN17 Example

Here is a sample of what I pulled off a ZEN17

Here it is saved in the data, its really ugly, may change this to JSON but this was the quick way I already knew how to do.

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Moved over to GitHub and updated

[0.2.0] - 2021-08-06


  • Get Info command to fetch device info and restore to data fields
  • Get Info command also prints fingerprint to logs same as the 'Device' driver
  • Set Lifeline Association command, useful after firmware updates if it gets cleared
  • Made scanning for Name and Info optional (some devices hang on these)


  • Was unable to update settings if created as different type, fixed by removing before setting
  • Will handle signed or unsigned parameter values based on format specified in report
  • Other minor fixes merged from my other drivers

I've been trying to get my Ring Outdoor Siren (connected directly to Hubitat) to work using both the Siren and LED's. Although there is already a driver for this it is currently only able to turn the siren on and off and is unable to control the LED's within the device. I've been digging around with this for sometime and have managed to get the lights to turn on and off outside of Hubitat using the below information with z-wave js but it is not stable and I really want it to work in Hubitat. Is this something your scanner might be able to help with? I've pasted the results from the scan below.

From Z-wave JS:
command class: 135
property: 48
property key: 1
value: 0-100

Red Strobe LED
command class: 135
property: 13
property key: 1
value: 0-100

No, this tool is mostly for viewing info about the device and also setting parameters. From the sounds of it you need to send commands to the device. That is indicator command class commands which I am slightly familiar with. I could easily make a command in a custom driver to trigger that but the problem is the custom driver would need all the code to support all the device features. @bcopeland any chance you could add the indicator commands to the built in driver?


@bcopeland any chance of either getting the code for the ring outdoor siren or the ability to manage the led via the inbuilt driver?

thanks in advance.


@jtp10181 - This is really cool, thank you for writing this tool.

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Jeff, can you link the GitHub repo so it can be found more easily?

Edit, sorry, found it in the posts below, i will be trying this out on some of my zwave devices and report back

[Repository Link] -- [Raw File Import Link]

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Just sent you a little "treat"....

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