[RELEASE] Hub Rebooter App

I know some people use RM to reboot their hub nightly but this requires you to have hub security disabled. The only option I've seen with security disabled it to run something on an rpi. I built a small app that does it all self-contained to the hub (I really didn't want to setup an rpi just to reboot my hub!)

You can find the app here GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-rebooter it's pretty straight forward, specify the username/password to use to login to your hub and the time of day to reboot.

Hopefully the team will fix the underlying performance issues that have made this necessary but for me, after about a week, my hub is unusable.


Hub has been stable so far, but good to have the utility in the event this starts happening to mine. Thanks!

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Any chance you can add in days instead of hours? Just need to reboot one of my hub once every 4 days.
Awesome app by the way.

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96 hours?

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I could probably add a day of the week setting. I’ll look into it. Gotta brush up on cron expressions


Yeah, my non coder brain was thinking of that but it's set to time of day. "Value must be less than or equal to 24".

Yeah it's not how many hours it's the time of day. I added a new setting that lets you pick which days to run on. It's not quite a "run every 4 days" but it's a bit closer.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but HE shouldn't have any "underlying performance issues". If the hub is getting bogged down, it's due to some extraneous issue, like a custom app or driver. So, all rebooting does is reset the doomsday clock.

Not denying that.. but there are dozens (or more?) of us experiencing this issue. So in the meantime, I'd like my hub to be functional. Not trying to start a debate here over the root cause, all I care is "Can I use my hub in a performant way?" since I installed this app, the answer is "yes".


Agreed, it shouldn't. However, a significant number of users do experience performance issues with the hub, for which a common cause has yet to be identified. For those users, nightly reboots have provided a workaround for the issue.

If its like standard Unix cron, the expression would be something like "0 0 */4 * *", for 12AM on every 4th day.

Edit - for us old-timers that would be Vixie cron!


Thank you for adding in the option for day. :+1:

Damn I haven't used Vixie in like 30 years LOL

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I am experiencing nightly database lockouts during nightly maintenance. That has nothing to do with custom apps/drivers. There is a fundamental issue in the CORE of the system.

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There is little doubt for many of us, there is a core problem somewhere in the firmware, I've been hoping beyond all hopes that the HE team will take a serious look at. Personally, I'd like to see them stop delivering new features and drivers until it's addressed.

Things had gotten pretty stable up to about 2.1.6, but 2.1.7 and above have been back to the old hub lock up, slow down and overload syndrome.

A reboot improves things immediately, which is why I now use this app. Unfortunately, it's sporadic, and a reboot cannot be planned around the problem.


Having the same problem. I have to reboot my hub every 3 to 5 days or else it will be just too slow. Agree that HE should fix it instead of continue to release new features.. I migrated from Smartthings to HE and is unvelivable that I had to leave an outlet in smartthings which I use to reboot my HE hub with an scheduled rule in ST..

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Not a good idea to reboot HE by power-cycling because it can lead to database corruption. I suggest you use the app described here (Hub Rebooter) to do a graceful reboot.

Yeap now that I found it I will try it. Thanks for the advise

I am trying to find instructions and I read that it should be installed in a raspberry pi?

Some people do it with an rpi. This app can do it with nothing more than your hub though.