[RELEASE] Linptech/Moes 24Ghz Presence Sensor ES1 ( TS0225 _TZ3218_awarhusb ) drivers

As this mmWave sensor is rather different than the rest of the Tuya-bases mmWave radars, it will be better to discuss it in a new, separate thread.


Available for purchase from Amazon .com : (link)

Moes branded sensor is available for purchase from AliExpress: (link)

Other seller's links on AliExpress :

  • (seller page is not active atm)

Currently, all configuration options are available in Hubitat and the device is fully functional.

Now, there is a dedicated, stripped-down driver for the Linptech/Moes Presence sensor; it can be installed in Hubitat Package Manager (recommended) or manually downloaded and installed from this link :


The same device is also supported (together with many other devices) in the Tuya 4-in-1 driver; it also can be installed in Hubitat Package Manager (recommended) or manually downloaded and installed from this link :



Installation and configuration tips :

TODO ( this is a Wiki post, everyone is welcomed to edit it)

Reference to another thread that includes detailed photos of what's inside :

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I'll put the images here for easy reference. For those wanting to change the case on this device it looks pretty simple to bypass the USB socket and wire a pigtail to the board. It would not be hard to get power out the back side.


I'll need to test this, but I'm assuming this is high when there is presence. So adding a relay might be pretty easy.


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OK, I ordered this toy and already got it.
I installed latest beta 4 in 1 driver. The driver version suppose to be 1.5.1
def version() { "1.5.1" }
def timeStamp() {"2023/09/09 9:36 AM"}

but the reported version is:

( I guess, should not be a big deal because it is beta version).

Just in case, data fields are:

and the assigned Device Profile is:

First of all - Sensor easily paired with C8 and it looks like it stays connected.
"As is" derive reported the "Illuminace" and "active/inactive" states.


So far there is no any Configuration Parameters except for the Illuminance related.
Few times sensor reported "active" for very long time but this could be due to some activities
and potentially high sensitivity which is not adjustable in a current driver version.
I hope, at least sensitivity will be adjustable in a next driver update.

The thing that needs to happen is for us to hook it up to a tuya hub and pull the data points. Race you.

Mine just arrived at home but I won't be there to play with it for a week :frowning:

@vitaliy_kh seems like you have multiple versions of the 4 In 1 driver installed… You must use version 1.5.1 with the Linptech sensor.

Yes, you are right. Somehow these two versions interfering with each other. In
order to clean up the mess I had to delete older unused one. Now I can see the
sensitivity config parameters and need to adjust them. Since these sensors pired
nicely with C8 I ordered a second one.

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I have one of these arriving tomorrow. Anything you'd like me to check?

Sure, if you have a Tuya hub use it to find the data points.

I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I don't have a Tuya hub. I didn't pay attention in class, so I wasn't aware that was still needed to set these up. My bad...

Do I need to order one to setup/use the Linptech sensor?

Which one from Amazon would be the "right" Tuya hub...there appear to be dozens there... :slight_smile:


The driver works for presence. Still needs to be tuned for a perfect fit. You can just ride everyone else's coat tails when we get to it.

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It isn’t. But you can always join them to a Tuya hub and import into HE via Home Assistant if they don’t behave themselves on HE. Kind of a worst case scenario though.

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This is not required. The Hubitat driver works for this Linptech device.

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It arrived today, and I like the size/form factor and design. At least it looks like a quality device. :slight_smile: Only about 1 7/8"/47"mm diameter and the flip-out magenetic mount is a nice feature. Overall very happy w/looks, feel, and design. Hopefully it will work as well as it looks. :slight_smile:

Connected right up w/@kkossev's driver, which by the way is pretty amazing (and maybe a little daunting for a noob to mmWave sensors!) in terms of configuration options.

Going to try this in the office where my wife constantly leaves lights on, but when she's sitting very still for a while normal motion sensors don't quite do the trick, and I've found that turning off the office lights when she's sitting still in the middle of a long/boring meeting does not gain me any "good husband" points. :wink:



Expecting delivery by end of month for 2 of these which danabw thinks looks like the above. If so, $50 for the pair will be a good deal.
Will let you know when they arrive.

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Linptech per Amazon is Part Number ‎ES1ZZ(TY) which is same as MOES.

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The driver for the Linptech sensors don't have a "Presence" State, only shows Motion.

It does have a "notPresentCounter" State Variable:


Just wanted to confirm that the lack of a Presence State is because the driver is still WIP, or am I missing something? Thanks!