C8 Motion Sensor Problems

You could try pulling the batteries and putting them back in and then try to pair. I didn’t have much trouble getting 4 outdoor and 3 indoor Hue sensors connected, but It probably depends on what repeaters you’re using. I’m not saying that there isn’t an issue, and I would recommend waiting for the next firmware update before trying again :wink:

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I'd hold off a bit unless you're desperate. First, I know they're working on a fix and it's a priority for them. Second, the issue (or a similar one) affects other devices as well. Hue motion sensors just seem to be the most common. But I've had issues with contact sensors, outlets, etc. You'd hate to go spend money on a different sensor just to have the same issue crop up.


I remoeved my Aqara sensors from the hub and removed the batteries as had replaced them with the Sonoff ones that seem to be more reliable.
However, just as a test I decided to put the battery back in one and give it a test and it paired first time and has been working perfectly since.
So as others have said if you are having issues it might be worth trying to remove the battery for a while.

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I have firmware running on my C-8.

I have the Hue Bridge Integration App in apps. I don't recall if I need to do any further setup aside from having this integration. Do I, and if so, what?

I have the Philips Hue V2 sensor, and all I needed to run it on my C-7 was the integration and the sensor; no physical Hue bridge. It set up strong and perfectly the first time and ran flawlessly for two years.

I've moved, and decided to run a C-8 I bought but had not yet started. It is working fine in al respects but getting Hue Integration working (?) and to get my V2 recognized as such. Habitat claims to find it but then never finishes up doing anything.

  1. Does anyone know when this will work, like it did on the C-7, and if not,
  2. Would spending the money on a Hue Bridge help, and if not,
  3. Who has a sensor that actually works, and that:
    a) has battery life beyond a week (Zooz I am looking at you)
    b) does not use some weird-o and expensive battery (Zooz again)

Thanks, gang!

I'm a little confused - it sounds like you're trying to run the sensor through one of the Hue integration apps, but if you don't have a Hue bridge, I'm not sure that's even possible?

Is there any reason you're not just pairing the sensor directly to Hubitat? I have a couple set up that way and they rock - super fast and dependable.


Does anyone know when this will work, like it did on the C-7, and if not,

  • It workson the C8 now - you can join the Hue motion sensors directly to the C8, as Hydro noted. I have two Hue outdoor motion sensors on my C8.

Would spending the money on a Hue Bridge help, and if not,

  • Probably only if you wanted to get Hue lights and run them via the Hue integration into HE. One thing about using Hue bulbs on a Hue hub w/HE is they are rock-solid/no problem. I've never used Hue bulbs joined directly to the Hub, so can't comment on that.
Who has a sensor that actually works, and that:
a) has battery life beyond a week (Zooz I am looking at you)
b) does not use some weird-o and expensive battery (Zooz again)

Some good Zigbee motion sensors, all join directly to the HE hub:

  • Hue (indoor and outdoor)
  • Third Reality (and uses AA or AAA so they last a long time)
  • Centralite
  • Aeotec (more expensive)

There is also a newer generation of mmWave motion sensors that could be interesting to you if you're just starting out w/your motion sensing hardware. A key benefit is they can handle the use case when you're sitting still in a room, where traditional motion sensors don't work so well:

I pulled the integration out and tried pairing directly. Same result: it says is it pairing, but doesn't.

I have a possible solution. I have ordered a Lutron Caseta sensor and will run it through my Lutron Caseta hub and integration, which is working flawlessly.

Can't remember exactly, but I remember something about the Lutron integration not passing motion info via the HE integration. You should check into that.

So your Hue sensors won't pair w/the C8? Did you fully reset them? IIRC it's a 15 to 20s hold on the reset button on the back of the sensor.

Yes I did do a full reset.

Casetá motion sensors do not report motion via the Smart Bridge Pro.

I would try joining the hue sensor in a different location.


The Hues should be fine on a C8 - I have two vSML003 sensors paired to mine now, and I had an old SML001 on for a while too (it was since replaced with a 003).

Cancel the Caseta order unless you could use that sensor outside of Hubitat - as others have said, it's a no-go via telnet.

PS: if I run into HE integration issues, I can do what I want via Lutron’s own app as what I want to do involves all Lutron devices.

I canceled the Lutron successfully.

Now what? Do the reset and try try again? I can put the sensor within 2 feet or so of the C-8.

Any tips or tricks are welcome.

EDIT: I found a fresh V2 in my Home Automation stuff. Newer version with an actual button for reset or setup. I followed the IKEA-like instruction sheet and bang! I am up and running perfectly with the fresh sensor.

Yes. I did replace the batteries in the other one even though the factory batteries were healthy. It never worked.

Glad you're part-way there.

So the first Hue motion sensor doesn't have a reset button? Above you said that it was also a v2. But are you now saying they are different?

The early version(s?) had a pinhole reset that was pretty cludgy. The newer button-style is a welcome improvement.

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The old one has a recessed button needing something like a SIM extractor tool to work. The newer one has an accessible button. The new one was discovered and in my C-8 in about 5 seconds. Problem solved.

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Paperclip fits in the hole. Hold it down until it starts flashing.

Yes, a paper clip as well. I did hold it til it flashed. Then I held it til it flashed then pressed for one second. And several variations. Nothing. And yes, I installed fresh batteries.

The new sensor I had in stock works perfectly. .

Also, there are a couple of options when joining, something like 'in the clear'. That worked for me one time when a Hue motion sensor would get stuck on initializing....as I recall.

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These - may be worth trying, helped some folks get "difficult" devices to join. If your pairing experience doesn't match either case they may not do anything, but can't hurt to try.