[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus

OK, @Kaitlyn & Ken, a round of static testing.

Tried sensor in two locations - on the wall 5 1/2 to 6 feet off the floor, and about 4' off the floor.

The ~4' height on the wall was definitely much better - the sensor was unable to do accurate static sensing from up higher on the wall. The sensor picks up entry into room. Definitely slower/later than my other Linptechs that are not sensing from behind walls. I laid down on a couch in the middle of the room and was still and presence continued for several minutes w/out issue. Returned to other room and presence reverted to inactive as expected.

In general the sensor seems to react more slowly to entry/movement when it's sensing throug the wall, which seems to make sense. Even when used normally the Linptech is not as fast as my very fast Iris motion sensors, so each of my Linptects is teamed up w/an Iris motion sensor to get the fastest triggering, and provide some minor motion sensing backup.

So frontside sensing through the wall seemed it could/should work. YMMV as always.

Backside sensitivity in the spot behind the TV was different this time for some reason - not sensitive. I can walk about 3' to 4' behind the sensor and no motion is detected now. Can't explain why it was more sensitive on my earlier test.

I also tried backside sensing in another location where the sensor is attached to the wall but not behind anything, and in that testing it was sensitive to motion from 4'-10' away, depending on the motion. So that should be helpful in the closet but not sure, depending on how big the closet it, if it would be enough alone.

I did notice something odd, where in some cases when I mounted the sensor facing against a wall it would get stuck in active even w/nothing moving on either side of the sensor. It's like it is sensing the wall/studs inside wall and thinking there is presence? I haven't run into that w/normal installs w/the back to the wall.


Maybe something alive in the walls? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thanks for the in-depth testing! Did you tell your wife you were laying on the couch for science? I will be pairing these with Iris and Hue motion sensors, so it should be just the ticket. I am probably going to move some of the motion sensors I have now (4 in the kitchen, 5 in the garage) since I should be able to keep the lights on using fewer PIR sensors combined with the Linptech sensors. My biggest fear is the lights shutting off while my wife is cooking.

You do NOT want to be on the wrong end of that situation. :wink:

Sure hope not!! :wink:


Did you try increasing the sensitivity settings for motion and static?

I believe I did, if you guys had good results for detecting a totally still or sleeping person then I will experiment again.

Sorry, haven't tried that...we don't have a use-case for sleeping monitoring so never needed to do it. I though some folks in the Linptech/Moes topic had worked on that.

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  • manufacturer: _TZE200_2aaelwxk
  • model: TS0225
  • tuyaVersion: 2.0.2

I've been testing with this sensor with ver. 1.6.8 2023-11-20 kkossev and had to make three changes to humanMotionState (as reported by the device in the log) -
small_move to small
large_move to large
stationary to static.

Seems to be reacting correctly with my rule machine app when small_move, large_move and stationary were not "recognised".

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Good catch!

To keep a consistent naming convention for the custom attributes, I was going to make the following breaking changes :

  • small_move and small to be changed to smallMove
  • large_move and large to be changed to largeMove
  • stationary will remain stationary
  • leave_time to be changed to leaveTime
  • existance_time to be changed to existanceTime

Unfortunately, every manufacturer has used different terms for the same or very similar parameters and settings, but I have to try to consolidate the parameters names as much as possible because it is not a good practice to have too many attributes in one HE driver.


Yes, I can appreciate the "every manufacturer"...issue. Most important is you've provided the community with the driver code, which I managed to use to my needs. Thanks.

I'd only "find and replace" the strings that I needed. Hopefully I did not break anything but once I get over getting the actions I needed, I'll go back and look through your codes to make sure I'd not messed up anything. :wink:

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When needed, I create a copy of a community driver by modifying the driver name (I add 'KK mod' in the name), which allows the original code to be still updated (either manually or via HPM), but keeping my working mods as another driver, that will not be overwritten automatically,


@kkossev if I expose these devices through the Alexa integration, they show up as Temperature sensors (with no reading, of course) - is there any way I can change this so that they show up as Motion Sensors in Alexa?


Are you referring to a mmWave sensor?

Unfortunately, Hubitat does not provide a way to dynamically change the capabilities in a driver .

You can vote for adding this possibility in future Hubitat platform updates.

I may think of separating the mmWave driver code into a new driver, but this will not solve the confusion with the rest of the devices supported in this driver - motion sensor only, motion+illuminance, motion+temperature+humidity+illuminance, etc... There are too many combinations.

As a workaround, you can make a copy of this driver (modify the driver name!) and comment out the TemperatureMeasurement and the RelativeHumidityMeasurement capabilities :

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Yes Sorry, hopping between threads and forgot this thread has multi-devices!

I have both the Tuya 2AAELWXK and HL0SS9OA which is what I was referring to.

Thanks for the help, as always.

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Found some time to mount that presence sensor from the beam at the top of my garage roof, pointing down. Set it 9.5 detection.

I was expecting to have a bunch of blind spots since the door opener, etc is in the way, but I was wrong. Seems to work spot on.

In the past 24 hours, I had no false positives. When I ducked in behind a car (basically blocked by metal), it still detected I was there. :+1:

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Nice. Still waiting on mine to get here to test.

I will report back. Maybe make a new post for just others to come to while testing ? Not sure.

This is my intended use case as well. You can’t beat the Iris sensors. I bought 30 (or 50?) of them when they were less than $5 each.

My only issue with them is the battery. I like that there are line voltage versions of the mm sensors. I’m installing some in track light housings. This way if a battery goes out on an Iris I’ll still have motion sensing in the room. Low battery detection hasn’t been reliable. This is on the punch list as I clean and update my automation.

Currently I’m doing a slow migration to a C-8. It only has four devices on it so far (Iris, mm, light, and outlet). Next I'll move my zone controller over so I can test the sensors together. I have some changes I want to make to the zone controller and this would be a good test bed with the limited devices.

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Hi @kkossev ,
Just received and installed a new presence sensor.
The sensor (MOES brand) was automatically detected and HE assigned the Tuya Multi sensor 4 in 1 to it.

The device page does not include all parameters I am used to when using this driver with other devices.
For example these are not available in the device page:
Small Motion Detection Sensitivity
Motion Minimum Distance
Small Motion Detection Sensitivity

Is this expected?
When trying to set these parameters uising the Set PAR command in the device page I get the following log message:

Can you copy the manifactirer ID from the picture above as a text, please? (so that I can search for it)

  • manufacturer: _TZ3218_t9ynfz4x
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Enable the ''Advanced options'', then select 'Tuya TS0225_LINPTECH 24GHz Radar' and press Save Preferences.

This seems to be a new Linptech radar manufacturer, not present in the driver code ...