The new Tuya Human Presence Sensors ( TS0225 _TZE200_hl0ss9oa _TZE200_2aaelwxk) have actually 5.8GHz modules inside

Yes, it would have shown before for @TJBurton I have it on driver version 1.4.4 2023/08/18 10:43 PM

No problem @JumpJump thanks for responding. I see from your tear down this device is actually a 24Ghz device BUT I notice the model registers as TS0601 and not TS0225. My understanding from following this thread is that the TS0601 model has the ‘spammy’ firmware but the TS0225 model firmware is not as spammy on the ZigBee network (@kkossev is this the correct understanding?) From your Hubitat ZigBee connection are you able to check whether it is sending distance measurements every second or so (spammy), or if it is not so spammy. Thanks in advance for this feedback, much appreciated. I’m trying to tick the boxes for a non-spammy, ceiling mount, 24Ghz sensor with rear power connection. Not easy to find apparently.

My other option is to use the Linptech/MOES sensor (49.5mm diameter)

and then use a GU10 (50mm diameter) downlight fixture to mount the sensor into the ceiling so the usb-c connector on its side can still be plugged in above the mounting height.

With your experiences so far with these mmWave human presence sensors, which way would you go?

That is very usefull information for me. Because I can do hole in wall or ceiling, provide power to that hole, and cover "radar" sensor by drywall. Now only I need to choose correct one and implement it in house.

The thing to consider is getting power to the sensor. If you have line power at the location you can probably put a USB power receptacle in a recessed jbox then sensor and then a jbox cover plate.

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I plugged it in to check it out for you. I don't think the driver is really tuned/correct for this device yet. This device does not look spammy to me even with ignore distance reports turned off. When I get some time next week I'll hook it up to a tuya hub and pull the datapoints and see if we can get some full support for the device.

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I have created a new thread for the Linptech 24Ghz Presence sensor :


I just received this 24G Tuya based HPS from Amazon. It seemed to be recognized and pair immediately (24GHz Black Square Human Presence Radar w/ LED), but beyond that, I haven't been able to get it functional. If I hit Initialize, healthStatus becomes 'Unknown' and powerSource becomes "?". Previously, these were online and dc respectively. No other status information ever appears.

Once the pairing is complete, it takes a few minutes before the LED changes from flashing blue to solid blue. There is information in the enclosed documentation saying it should turn red when motion is detected and green with no motion (I did enable this with the option toggle).

Description text and Debug logging are enabled, There are no errors or warnings in the logs and reading through them, all the commands and various statuses appear to be normal (as far as I can tell).

Any thoughts or help is always appreciated.

This seems like a pairing issue.. Have you tried pairing it again at a close distance from the hub?

BTW, this 24Ghz presence sensor is one of the most spammy Tuya devices! I put a warning on the 4-in-1 top post a long time ago... My recommendation is to try to return it and get another less spammy new radar.

I have the same model, but another manufacturer, and the statistics show that for a week or two this thing has sent the presence status 420415 times to the hub!


This is what an industry-grade 24Ghz antenna used in sensors for breath detection looks like :



Note, that the spec's say "... Range up to 2.75M" and probably this is the true maximum distance at which breathing can be reliably detected.

Note also that the 'reaction time' ( Presence Keep Time (Fade time) in this driver) is totally different for the different types of detection scenarios:

Thanks for replying so quickly. I did try to pair it again about 3-feet from my C8. There was no change in behaviour, so I'm not entirely sure what's up. It was only about 15 feet away the first time and there is nothing here that should be causing interference.

Since this is one of the least preferred sensors, I won't pursue attempting to get it functional. I like your recommendation of returning it. According to the Amazon listing, it does have a 30-day return option.

It's truly scary how many times it sent the presence status with yours! Yikes!

The more you know ...

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Great. @kkossev looks like you can grab the Z2M config for this sensor to flesh out the driver.

Just ordered two of these. Anyone have any? Any recommendations?
Due in end of the month.

ID looks like exact dupe of the Linptech sensor (or vice-versa). :slight_smile: Can't tell if the sensor is actually larger than the Linptech, or if they have just blown it up in the picture, as they often do.

My Linptech sensor arrived today - nice to see that it's relatively small/discreet (1 7/8" diameter), and looks nice as far as IoT devices can. Connected right up!

Can you please take the linptech/MOES zigbee discussion to this thread?

Is this now fixed in latest driver, do you know? I am still on 1.4.4 with that setting.

No it's not there as of 1.5.2 2023/09/14 11:25 AM

Got the Tuya 24GHz Mini presence sensor in. It turns out to be model ZY-M100-24G. It is based on the spamming older Tuya presence sensors' firmware. It updates the distance every second, unlike the Linptech/Moes 24ghz sensor. Those only update if there is a significant change in distance. It also has a max of 5.5 meters detection for both movement and static. Based on a quick test it is very sensitive and accurate even at lower sensitivity settings. It is supposed to work with Zigbee2MQTT but I found it buggy at best. It would not allow some settings, or the wrong settings. It would stop responding randomly also. I tried HE with the latest beta drivers. It has no settings visible and did not work well anyway. The ZHA integration for HA showed nothing and did not even detect motion. I tried Tuya cloud integration with HA but only found it as a simple switch. So I have it set up in my guest bath using a Tuya hub. It is working flawlessly. I have not opened it up yet to check if it is a real 24 GHz product or not. I am almost 100% positive it is the real deal based on how accurate and sensitive it is. Plus the seller had the drop shipping warehouse send it to them first to make sure they did not send a 5.8 GHz model again. Then they shipped it out to me. So it did take a little longer to receive.

Hopefully, @kkossev can get his beta drivers working for this soon so I can put away my Tuya hub and run it in my HE as it should be. I am too spoiled by the easy automation inside HE.

Zigbee2MQTT info on the TuYa ZY-M100-24G

Ahh, I see it commented out around line 1000 as to do / check:

//           [dp:111, name:'staticDetectionMinimumDistance',  type:"value", rw: "rw", min:0, max:6000,  scale:100, unit:"meters",    desc:'Static detection minimum distance'], // TODO - check !!

You device looks the same as mine. See [RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus - #682 by bbholthome
The development branch version 1.5.2 has a fix to stop the distance reports every second.