[BETA] Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Multi-sensor (Driver)

Works for ZSE40 (original) and ZSE40-700 series.
Min Firmware is 32.02.

There is still some commented out debugging stuff in here as well as extra functions not being used. But it works for now until I can clean it up some more.

Pressing configure will queue up a full reconfigure next wake up.
It does a full refresh every wake up for now, I will fix this to save battery in the next update and have a separate button to force a refresh at wake up.

If you change settings and save it will queue them up to be set at the next wake up. So you can force it to wake up right away or just leave it and let it do it on its own.

Parameter 8 may only work on 32.18 and higher, if anyone has 32.02 still they can confirm for me. For the original ZSE40 (500 series) I would HIGHLY recomend changing this setting to "Notification Reports Only". For the ZSE40-700 I am myself leaving it at the default to make sure no motion reports get missed.

The ZSE40-700 original firmware is 32.32 even though the back of the device may say something else.

TO DO: Humidity and Temp offset settings. I will hopefully add this to the next release.

Direct link to copy/paste or import: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jtp10181/Hubitat/main/Drivers/zooz/zooz-zse40-multisensor.groovy

Github Link:


I'm on firmware 24.16 for my v2 500 series sensor. Is therea newer version?

Check with Zooz I am not sure which version can be updated to what. The newest for the original ZSE40 is 32.18

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