Zooz 4-1 Sensor: LED won't shut off regardless of setting

Just as the topic states, the device seems to be working fine. However the option to have the systems LED off for all states doesn't seem to work. Does not seem that setting this option does anything in any capacity. Is this a driver issue or a possible bug? I'd like to have the sensor in the bedroom but a red light blinking all night would definitely keep me up.

Alternatively if anyone can suggest a similar sensor, I'll just repurpose this one to a garage or hallway.

What model and firmware version do you have?
What driver are you using?

I know that with the 32.x firmware the setting does work, I have it shut off on the one right next to me just to save the battery some.

Also, the default is that it only blinks when there is motion, so if you are sleeping it should not be going off anyway.

Printed physically on the device it's 1.10, however I don't see where the firmware is listed in the device settings.

It blinks once every 10 - 15 seconds.. regardless of what I have it set to.

the v1.10 on the back I think is the new 700 series which I have no idea why they put that on the back because the release firmware is 32.32 (mine says 1.10 and came with 32.32). Unless you have a very old device? Usually the firmware version is put into the "Data" section at the very bottom of the device page.

Couple of things to note, the built in driver is not compatible with that new 700 series device. A new driver for the 700 series device is coming in the next Hubitat release. Also, when you do set parameters you then need to wake the device up (use paperclip on the pinhole in the case to click the button once).

If you need a driver for the ZSE40-700 in the meantime, I can confirm this one works:

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How does one even flash the firmware on these devices, I see no firmware packs from Zooz's website

You need to create a ticket to request firmware updates for Zooz devices.

The current firmware version is usually displayed in the device detail page.

Zooz changelogs are here: Articles containing tag Change Log - Zooz Support Center
And the support ticket can created here: New Ticket - Zooz Support Center

Wow, interesting. I've never seen a manufacturer not just openly have firmware updates available for download.

Unfortunately they have been very slow at updating the info on the site recently. Almost all devices I own actually have newer firmware than what they list.

The ZSE40 V2 with a 500 series chip, newest is 32.12
The ZSE40 with the 700 series chip newest firmware is 32.32 which is what they came with, so there is not an update as far as I know.
For an older ZSE40, I think if firmware is below 30.x you may not be able to update at all.

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