Zooz Relay and 4 in 1 sensors

Which driver are you using? Does it say 700 series on the box?

The driver does not call out 700

Checked the order and they are the Zooz Z-Wave Plus 700 Series 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40.

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I just got my C7 a few months ago so would have been FW good to know

Also it is on the compatibility list, is there a separate compatibility list for C7?

I think that I will remove the motion sensors and see if the z-wave network settles down.

If it is the 700 series, use the community driver as detailed in the Zooz instructions

Zooz instructions here specific to Hubitat

I'll give this a try

This is interesting. I am having a struggle with a ZSE19 over route changing. Looks like yours is doing something similar. Most likely your connection though, -10 is low, and you have 17 errors, something isn't communicating right.

agreed, with the I've gone from dozens of repeating devices to 1 repeater with the zes40 connected. I've changed the driver and rebooted the hub. I plan on letting it run for the day to see if the network doesn't stabilize. If things are still crazy I'll have to remove the motion sensors.

Change your parameter #8 to Notification Reports Only. You may have to press the little button with the wire to get it to change quickly, otherwise it will have to wait for wake up.

Seems like I am missing several device types

It had a note "Not compatible with c7" in it due to the issue with the 500 series version and s0. @bobbyD does this note need to go back into the compatibility list?

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See this thread on the 700 New 700 series version of the Zooz 4-in-1 released!

This doesn't take into account the C7 issue. The 500 series need to be paired to the c7 with a z-wave stick paired as a secondary controller with no security in order to not destabilize the mesh

Shutdown the hub and pulled the plug for a while and then powered everything back up. The mesh seems to be healing. Still torn on whether to try and leave the ZES40s connected.

You have 4 things connected as s0, I would try to re pair those without if you can (unless they're locks)

One is a lock, the others are on the list to be repaired. That being said everything has been fine with them for some time.

The issue is s0 which tends to be chatty as hell. (why the 500 series 4-in-1's bring down a mesh)

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