New 700 series version of the Zooz 4-in-1 released!

I wonder if it is a driver issue or a device issue? In the driver screen, there is an « Event » tab that shows the events received by the physical device. See if the Motion is immediately followed by the other. If so, it is because that is what it received (as I understand it).

I don't have my zwave 700 ZSE40s on hubitat, but in zwavejs I see the motion event and then 12-14s later I see the clear event.

So I don't think it is a firmware issue (there is currently only 1 firmware for this device, as confirmed with support).

Of course, the parameter 5 setting may influence this, too. Not sure as I've never changed it from the default of 15s.

What I see is this...

Motion Detected (basic report [yuck] + notification report [yay!]):

2021-11-30 17:40:28.331 INFO ZWAVE: Node 114: value updated: 32-0-currentValue 0 => 255
2021-11-30 17:40:28.338 INFO ZWAVE: Node 114: value updated: 113-0-Home Security-Motion sensor status 0 => 8

Motion Cleared (basic report [yuck] + notification report [yay!]):

2021-11-30 17:40:57.525 INFO ZWAVE: Node 114: value updated: 32-0-currentValue 255 => 0
2021-11-30 17:40:57.537 INFO ZWAVE: Node 114: value updated: 113-0-Home Security-Motion sensor status 8 => 0

No other messages from the device in that timeframe. Based on that, and assuming the OPs device is doing the same thing (debug logs tell all!), then there shouldn't be any reason it is immediately toggling off.

Those are really just events the driver generates, which should basically be a history of things you see (or did) under "Current States" on the main device page. To see what the Z-Wave device is sending to the hub (and possibly something about how the driver seals with that information), debug logging is normally what you're looking for. Not sure if that's what you meant, but just thought I'd mention the difference if not.

That being said, I suspect it should match up unless the device or driver is doing something weird with a certain Z-Wave report or whatnot...but I don't have one (yet--it's on the way!) so can't say anything for sure.

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Its kind of both but an updated driver would fix it, Zooz kept the same device fingerprint for backward compatibility but missed the mark on a few things which causes issues for the Hubitat driver. I reported what the exact issue is on here somewhere, and also to Zooz so they could possibly fix the device as well. Not sure if Hubitat is going to update the driver @bcopeland ?

My driver has been rock solid for me though, there are a few features I want to fix up and make it a final release posted to HPM. I am out of town for 3 weeks though so might not be until after the holidays.


Did Hubitat fix this driver issue? Does the out of the box driver work with this device?

Not that I am aware of. I have not tested it on 2.3.0 but there was nothing in the release notes about fixing it. This one works though: [BETA] Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Multi-sensor (Driver)

Thanks for the driver reference. How is the zwave motion detection response rate? I have zigbee now and they are pretty fast.

The ZSE40 is adequate for me, I take a step or two in my office and the light is on before I get to my desk. I have not used Zigbee but people say they are usually faster. The other Zooz one, the ZSE11 (Q sensor) seems to be slow though, others have reported it also. Not sure if its the location I have it in (second floor) or just the sensor.

So it appears the HE driver isn't working for me, it always stays inactive on the device page. I switched to @jtp10181 and it works now, although it seems pretty slow. I really think its a good piece of hardware, just needs some firmware and software fixed up to get it working well. I should add that I am on the latest HE release.

I'm finding the exact opposite speed wise. Mine is instantaneous. How's the rest of your mesh? Mine is paired with no security (reduces overhead)

My mesh is great (or so I think) Everything is working really well with the exception of this Motion Sensor i added and a Zooz Siren. Both added the same day. Also both paired with no security. Here is a snapshot. Might have to zoom in, I may have made it too small to fit it all in one. Which driver are you using?

Same here. Out of all the Z-Wave motion sensors I have, this one is probably the fastest.

Any advice guys??? What driver are you using? I really feel my mesh is good, other then that it comes down to the hardware and software, and you guys have proven that the hardware is fine. So it takes me back to the software. What firmware is the device on?

There is only a single firmware version for this device. So everyone is on the same firmware.

I verified that with support before I started using the device, as I try to get on the latest firmware when implementing a new device.

Ok thanks @JasonJoel . You using the built in HE driver?

I have these sensors on a different system right now.

But I have a couple unused ones, and I'll add one to hubitat as soon as I get a chance (tonight most likely) and see how it performs.

Really appreciate that! Edit, as a side note....At glancing at my Zwave Mesh details, what do you think of my mesh? Everything is performing pretty good.

No problem. I was going to do that this weekend but forgot, so would like to get this done sooner rather than later before I forget again. :slight_smile:

So I did get a chance to pair this with hubitat.

  1. Speed seems pretty good - <1s best I can tell. Granted this is my dev hub, and it is lightly loaded. Device is connecting straight to the hub, no routing.
  2. The in-box driver is hosed on motion reporting. Sets to active immediately from the basic set, then back to inactive immediately on the notification of motion event. Goofy, but definitely a driver issue and not a device issue.

@bcopeland You probably already know about this / have fixed it, but here is what the logs look like on motion. Notice the active then immediate inactive, then 12 seconds later the "real" inactive messages. Dunno why the notification event 8 is setting it to inactive, but it looks like it is....

This is on the in-box "Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor" driver with the zwave 700 version of the sensor.

dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:23.952 pm info Zooz 4in1 700 no security: motion is inactive
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:23.948 pm debug NotificationReport(v1AlarmType: 0, v1AlarmLevel: 0, notificationStatus: 255, notificationType: 7, event: 0, sequence: false, eventParametersLength: 1, eventParameter: [8], sequenceNumber: 0)
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:23.934 pm info Zooz 4in1 700 no security: motion is inactive
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:23.930 pm debug BasicSet(value:0)
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:11.372 pm info Zooz 4in1 700 no security: motion is inactive
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:11.369 pm debug NotificationReport(v1AlarmType: 0, v1AlarmLevel: 0, notificationStatus: 255, notificationType: 7, event: 8, sequence: false, eventParametersLength: 0, eventParameter: [], sequenceNumber: 0)
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:11.355 pm info Zooz 4in1 700 no security: motion is active
dev:5442021-12-06 05:30:11.352 pm debug BasicSet(value:255)

I'll try pairing it w/no security next and see if it makes any difference in speed or motion. Also note that I set the motion sensitivity to the most sensitive setting.

EDIT: No obvious difference paired with no security vs S2 security in terms of speed or messages.


Thanks @JasonJoel. Yep, the HE Driver didn't work for me either so I change over to the driver suggested by Zooz. It works, but I still feel like its slow. I have it set on 1 (most sensitive) for motion sensitivity and it's directly connected to the hub. What I have noticed is if I am away for a while, lets say 5 minutes, then it's instantaneous on the initial active, but subsequent inactive / active changes while I am in the kitchen becomes slow. Could that be a clue? I use this sensor for motion in my kitchen (high traffic area) as well as temp reading for a circ fan for my woodstove. I wonder if I am asking too much of the sensor or network and every 15 seconds it's going active / inactive is just sending a lot of data slowing stuff down. Are there any other setting I should adjust?

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