I have 3 of these and last year had turned off the reporting and set parameter 18 as directed. They worked OK last year for controlling the Christmas lights. Since then they have been left joined and plugged in but the outlets off. Now that they are in use again I'm seeing lots of z-wave slow downs, particularly when any of the outlets are turned on.

"Me Too". This happens with non-Hubitat as well. I see the same thing with ZWaveJS on a USB ZEN10-S2 (aka ZWave 7) controller w/Home Assistant.

Removing the 3x ZEN25s makes the network stable again. Adding them in (and doing the Param 18 dance) makes it unstable. 100% repeatable on Hubitat C5 or HA.

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Is this a C-7 specific issue? I am on a C-5 and have 2 of these plugs. My configVal18 is also 4 (I never set it to 1). Reporting is set to minimum (once per day) and my network seems to be fine :crossed_fingers:t3:.

Both plugs have lamps plugged in and are typically driven by lux automation or timing schedule. Other z-wave devices respond pretty quickly (I have 4 Inovelli switches, 3 GE/Jasco and 1 old Leviton switch, 2 Kwikset locks, 1 GE outdoor module, a Go Control Garage door opener and a few tilt/contact sensors).

I had 4 Zen25 and my network was a mess. I removed one: Same problem. I removed another one and then it is now stable for 24 hours. So right now with 2 ZEN25 it seems ok. I'll continue to monitor it.

Really getting disappointed with Zooz. This is the second device that I've bought from them that listed Hubitat compatibility which was removed from their list after purchase. The other was the 4-1 motion sensor.

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I have 3 of the 500 series V2 running with no issues, check this post with some tips and a custom driver that lets you set a parameter to cut the reporting in half.

Replaced them last year and no longer have them.

I have 4 of them. They killed my z wave mesh on my new C7. I had to move back to C5. They work great with C5

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Haha I have several zen25 and zse40s. The apocalypse combination to C7. They work well on C5 for me.


Hummm that may explain why I've had nothing but problems with these in the last year. Previously I had them on a C4 with no problems. On a C7, even with all the firmware up data, parameters tweeked and and everything disabled, they still crash my network within a day or so. I finally just gave up on them. On the plus side I have 3 additional paperweights.

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For me, Zooz should be able to find the problem and fix it in a firmware update.

I thought I had 4 of them, NO I have 5 !!! I use them as Christmas ornaments ! :wink:

It's been a year since the issue was first identified so I would not hold my breath for an update to fix it.

They SHOULD but they probably WON'T.

I solved the problem buying competition products that work like a charm !

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@agnes.zooz : Is the problems with ZEN25 is a case closed on your side ? Is there some engineers working on it ? It seems the problem occurs on C7 with many devices. For me it should not be so difficult for your engineers to reproduce the case.


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We're still working on it but can't find a reliable way to reproduce the issues and without it, it's nearly impossible to find which part of the firmware is causing it.

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I'm giving up on them. Replacing them with cheap Zigbee switches.

Using Cheap Zigbee Mini Smart Plugs With Hubitat - YouTube

:+1: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You're welcome to come to my house anytime :slight_smile:
I can reproduce it in 1 hour.

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If so, my Christmas tree is lit this year!!!! (I have got 5 Zen25 and 3 or 4 ZSE40) haha

My guess is the power reporting if you turn that off it seems fine. I seem to remember if you have it on and it is having trouble communicating it can easily send a million messages bringing the mesh down.

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