[RELEASE] GE 4xxxx / ZW4008 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Switch Driver

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Switch Driver
The new GE Enbrighten devices are just different enough from the old that I wanted to make a new driver that supported the features correctly.

NOTE: This driver is designed to work with the 4xxxx series GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Switches only. It will not work with any non Z-Wave Plus GE models (12xxx), it will not work correctly with any other Z-Wave Plus GE models (14xxx).


  • ON/OFF
  • Support for button events:
    • Single Tap Up = Button 1
    • Single Tap Down = Button 2
    • Double Tap Up = Button 3
    • Double Tap Down = Button 4
    • Triple Tap Up = Button 5
    • Triple Tap Down = Button 6
  • Held and Released events supported for Up/Down
  • doubleTapped events created for doubleTap up/down in addition to button 3/4 pushed events.
  • All ON/OFF and single/double/triple taps create a State Change event
  • Control of LED indicator (on when on, on when off, always off, always on)


  • None


  1. Install Driver code in Hubitat either by copy/paste from the GitHub location, or by importing the url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Botched1/Hubitat/master/Drivers/GE%20Enbrighten%20Switch/GE%20Enbrighten%20Switch.groovy
  2. On a GE Enbrighten Switch device, change driver to "GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Switch". Click save.
  3. Edit preferences, save preferences.
  4. Click Configure command button

Driver can be found on my GitHub

  • 1.0.0 (07/16/2019) - Initial Version
  • 1.1.0 (07/17/2019) - Removed DoubleTap from BasicSet, added DoubleTap UP/DOWN and TripleTap UP/DOWN as standard buttons 1-4
  • 1.2.0 (02/07/2020) - Added pushed, held, and released capability. Required renumbering the buttons. Now 1/2=Up/Down, 3/4=Double Up/Down, 5/6=Triple Up/Down
  • 1.2.1 (02/07/2020) - Added doubleTapped events and added doubleTap capability. Now users can use button 3/4 for double tap or the system "doubleTapped" events.
  • 1.3.0 (05/17/2020) - Added associations and inverted paddle options
  • 2.0.0 (08/07/2020) - Added S2 capability for use with Hubitat 2.2.3 and newer ONLY
  • 2.1.0 (08/20/2020) - Fixed some command version issues
  • 2.2.0 (08/29/2020) - Added number of button config to configure
  • 2.3.0 (02/13/2021) - Added Alternate Exclusion mode to preferences.
  • 2.3.1 (03/08/2022) - Added setIndicatorBehavior command. Now users can control LED indicator behavior through custom actions. Courtesy of @basilisk.

Some may encounter some confusion about this, as Jasco is now selling the 14xxx models under the Enbrighten name. For example, see 14291 on Amazon. I asked them about that and they indicated that was intentional.

I noticed that too... Kind of lame of them.

I'll update the OP.


See, i think that's just a mistake in the title of the listing....this one:

says it's an enbrighten but the package is for the EZ dimmer. This one:

Actually has the Enbrighten branding on the package...not just the title in Amazon. Wouldn't be the first time they got something that important wrong. I assume your driver only works for the second model, correct?

As listed, it is designed to work with the 4xxxx series devices (which would be the device in the 2nd picture).

That said, the driver would "work" w/non-4xxxx devices, just with some weirdness / missing features. For instance the new 4xxxx devices can't flip the paddle direction while the old ones can - so that was removed from this driver.

On the dimmers, the old ones can't pre-set the ON % value, the new ones can. So that command/parameter wouldn't do anything on the old devices.

The old devices don't support triple tap, the new devices do (although I haven't added that to the driver yet)... Etc.

That's what I thought as well. But I asked the manufacturer (Jasco Products) and received a reply from them that all branding of GE Z-Wave products is now Enbrighten.

Updated to version 1.1.

Please note that if you were using double tap in version 1.0, note that doubletap was removed, and now the device doubletap and tripletap functions are mapped to standard buttons 1-4.

It has trippletap too?!? Damn you @JasonJoel!!! My wallet hates you right now!!
(opens a new tab to amazon) :wink:
I was on the fence when I saw your driver because I like the one I have that has the double tap. It comes in REALLY handy. And I need another dimmer. I think you just put me over the edge. Are these more responsive than the older 14xxx models?

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If I remember right it was within two or three dollars of the same price.

Double and triple tap events :+1: :

I'm sorry....I meant responsive as in time for the lights coming on? I like the EZ dimmer I have now (the GE Z-wave plus model) but always thought it was a second or two slower than something like a Caseta. When compared to the older model are these about the same, faster or slower?

oh, good question. I didn't notice any difference. But I have the old and new right next to each other so it would be easy to test when I'm back at the house.

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I would say it is the same, based on doing them side by side.

On the dimmer: to fade from 0-100% ~2s, to fade from 100-0% ~3s.

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Thanks. I was looking more for delay from command to device actually switching on but it's okay. Don't worry about it.

Ah! Man, I'm dense tonight...

OK... On my system, when operated from HE the old style turn OFF immediately, but there is maybe a 0.5-1s delay when turning ON from HE.

The new model definitely turns ON faster from HE on my system - pretty much instantaneous. So that's kind of cool. And OFF speed from HE is the same as the old model.

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Sweet! Thanks a bunch!

I haven't had time to dive into this much, but is it possible to configure these switches to that pressing the rocker down doesn't actually turn off the circuit, rather it just sends an event to the hub? And/or make it so that something like 3 taps turns off the circuit (i.e. cuts the power to the light.) I kind of want to use these as scene controllers because every other button solution I've seen just looks so out of place in my setup.

No, it isn't. Single tap always turns the circuit on/off - that is not configurable. Double and triple tap don't, obviously, though.

You would need to go to Zooz or Inovelli if you need the load not to change on button press. Both of those have models that can do it.

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Note that there are now in-box drivers for this device as well.

Added 1.2.0

NOTE This version has a breaking change if you use double tap / triple tap. Because I added single tap button events, I had to re-number the buttons.

Previous versions: Double Up/Down = Buttons 1/2. Triple Up/Down = Buttons 3/4.
This and future versions: Single Up/Down = Buttons 1/2. Double Up/Down = Buttons 3/4 . Triple Up/Down = Buttons 5/6 .

  • 1.2.0 (02/07/2020) - Added pushed, held, and released capability. Required renumbering the buttons. Now 1/2=Up/Down, 3/4=Double Up/Down, 5/6=Triple Up/Down

Uploaded v.1.2.1

  • 1.2.1 (02/07/2020) - Added doubleTapped events and added doubleTap capability. Now users can use button 3/4 for doube tap or the systrem "doubleTapped" events.

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