[APP] SmartStart Manager for Z-Wave (Long Range support)

The SmartStart Manager app gives you total control over your SmartStart records directly from the hub's web interface. You can also scan in QR codes with the mobile app and then manage them from this app afterwards.

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Current Version: v0.5.0
:rotating_light: App was developed on 2.3.9 Platform for Long Range support.
:warning: The app itself should also work on at least 2.3.8 platform.

:ballot_box_with_check: Features List:

  • Read SmartStart list from the hub and display information in a table
  • Add / Edit / Delete support (adding requires full DSK to be keyed in)
  • Temporarily Disable Entries to avoid automatic inclusion
  • Automatic backup of disabled list in case of app deletion
  • Full Backup / Restore to JSON file

:ballot_box_with_check: To-Do List:

  • Export to CSV

:lady_beetle: Reporting Issues :beetle:
Please use GitHub to report any issues so each one can have its own conversation and tracking. Please provide as much info as you can including model, firmware and the "configVals" data string. Issues · jtp10181/Hubitat · GitHub

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Find on Hubitat Package Manager (HPM):
Package Name: :small_blue_diamond: SmartStart Manager App :small_blue_diamond:
HPM Install Docs: HPM Documentation

:eight_spoked_asterisk: OR Manual Download from GitHub
Direct Import URL: [smartstart-manager]
Full Repository Link: Hubitat/Apps at main · jtp10181/Hubitat · GitHub

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How to Pair a new LR Device

  • Be sure device is powered off
  • Scan device into Smart Start
  • Use my app to check settings (confirm Long Range boot mode and name)
  • Open live logs in new tab to watch for pairing info
  • Power up device, it should pair by itself (as LR) shortly after it boots up
  • You can confirm LR mode in Z-Wave details or in my app to the right side on the list

How to Convert device from Mesh to LR

  • Scan device into Smart Start
  • Use my app to check settings (set to Long Range boot mode)
  • Create Virtual device and swap apps to save your automations from breaking
    • Alt: you can also rename the DNI to preserve the device entry after exclusion
  • Open live logs in new tab to watch for pairing info
  • Exclude device, removing z-wave node, and device if using Virtual Device method
  • Device should re-pair by itself (as LR) shortly after it resets and boots back up
  • You can confirm LR mode in Z-Wave details or in my app to the right side on the list
  • Swap apps from virtual (or old device) over to new device

App Screenshot Examples


Will the table with all the SmartStart info in it be off-hub exportable?
As has been pointed out to me in a similar vein, it's not a backup if the data is on the hub and the hub gets trashed.

Excellent work, btw.
Nice that you're taking the initiative.

Yes that is one of my next upgrades to work on. A JSON file will be able to be exported and imported from the hubs file manager to restore a backup. You can download a copy for safe keeping. I also want to add a CSV export option.


Is it going to confuse non-beta users that see this in HPM and think it is going to work for them?

It should still work on 2.3.8, but putting something into LR boot mode probably would prevent it from including. I may need to check the hub model and hide the LR options for the C7 as well.

In the manifest you can set the minimumHEVersion, never tried it but maybe that can hide it until 2.3.9 is released since it will only show up to those on beta.

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Yeah good idea, I had it set to 2.3.8 but I dont think anyone will be looking for something like this until LR comes out. Will go ahead and make it 2.3.9 in the manifest.


Woot! Congratulations on the release of your new app!


Finaly got this up and running today. Found an oddity

Based on everything around it, looks like it's one line all the way across per device , then I found this on:

GMS2 is a Ring Gen 2 Motion sensor, no way it could be LR.

LRMS2 is a Zooz ZSE18LR, and should be paired LR. so how did these two end up on the same line?

For comparison, here is the rest of the table

EDIT: Sorry, I have no idea how to use Github to report issues.

Thats fine, here works, if its something I need to track I add them to GH myself.

It looks like you have two SS entries for GMS3, one of which is the problem line. I am guessing that is he LRMS2 SS entry it is just named wrong. There was a bug in the iOS app for a short while where when you typed in a name after scanning it would ignore it and use the name from the last entry. Maybe thats what happened when you added that device?

The First box with the thicker border is all from SS data. Then the app uses the reported node ID to find the device info on the hub which is shown on the right side. The node on this line is 0x0100 which is a Long Range node for sure. Only way it could be wrong is if SS linked it up wrong, but I have never seen it do that.

Looks like you are on version 0.3.0, you can match up with HPM now and update to 0.4.0

Actually I think I may have figured it out (at least for future reference) and tried to add it there as well.

I do believe when I added the Zooz I named it during bootstrapping, and the correct name appeared in Smart Start, but not in the device page, I hade to go in there and change the device lable manually.

After match up and update, still looks to be incorrect. Hub is on; phone and iPad on

I think I may have figured it out. Somehow GMS3 was duplicated on the line for LRMS2. weird because I haven't touched GMS3 in over 6 months. But I think I got it figured out.

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Yes that's what I was trying to tell you, the line that is linked to LRMS2 is probably the SS code for LRMS2, it was just named wrong in SS. If you want to verify you can unmask the DSK in the settings in my app, go the edit page, make note of the first 5 digits in the DSK, and match that up with the QR code. The QR will either have the full DSK displayed or just the first 5.

The names on the left side come from the SS system in the hub, the names on the right come from the device page once it is included.

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Yeah, that is what made me go back and look at the actual SS list again and compare. I also closed out the issue I put in GitHub. At least now I know how to do that for future reference! I need to get much better with github.

Is that the 5 digit after the X's?

No, it is the XXXXX part. In the settings on the main page you would need to disable the setting that masks the DSK. The first 5 digits are the code you type in when you pair the device, so I masked it by default to prevent anyone from unknowingly posting screenshots of it. To exploit it would be pretty hard though, someone would have to know where you live and I think it is only used for pairing, so the device would have to be in pairing mode as well.

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I have never used SmartStart, but I have two questions.

  1. Why, other than to add LR devices would I need/want to use it?
  2. With this app, can I pair an LR device just by adding an entry for it?
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I'll take a stab at #1... For mesh (non-LR) devices that you want security on (e.g. S2), SmartStart makes future excludes/includes easier. Sure, you may not ever have a need to do either, but you never know. I think the biggest benefit is really just having a nice easy-to-read and save/backup record here of S2/LR pairing data, most notably the long DSK #.

For a mix of mesh and LR stuff, this app provides an at-a-glance way to see which is which too.

I like paring my mesh devices as S2 for better packet integrity (versus better "security" per se), but I haven't ever used SmartStart to do it. So I'll eventually explore how to consolidate my S2 mesh devices in here too.


1. Why, other than to add LR devices would I need/want to use it?

  • Makes pairing easier if you scan the code with the mobile app. You just scan the QR code, set a name and power up the device. The issue with the name not carrying over to the hub is being fixed.

2. With this app, can I pair an LR device just by adding an entry for it?

  • Yes, you can hand key in the full DSK using my app, or preferably, you can just scan the QR code using the mobile app. The app can then be used to edit/manage the SS list after mobile scanning.

Ahhhh ok. I didn’t notice that last night. Now I get it. Nice option!

So, if I lost a QR code, would this be a back door way to at least get the information back? I think I have a few devices that I have no clue where the code is . These are not zooz, the codes were on a separate piece of paper, and not attached to the box.