3D Printing info/links for Hubitat hub, Hue, Lutron & other hubs, and devices

Thought it could be helpful to have a clearing house topic for links to HE/Home Tech 3D printing info, including printable downloads for HE and other associated hubs (Lutron, Hue, ST, etc.), and other tech devices that we have around the house.

Please fee free to add to 3D printer content/links that may be useful for HE users.

I've taken the liberty of adding links to all the existing 3D printing topics and project links I could find as of today (1/18/22).

General info - 3D printing services, 3D printers, etc.:

  • 3D printing service mentioned by @dgnuff in one of the topics below:

Hubitat hub mounts.

  • Mounts for the C4, & C5 & C7 (which are the same dimensions) are available!
  • C5/C7 mount from @dgnuff in above topic:
  • @snell's "adjustable" C4, C5/C7/C8 desktop and wall mounts mentioned in the above topic. See info on his Thingaverse post for info on adjusting his mounts for both C4 and C5/C7/C8 hubs:

Hubitat C5/C7 wall/desk mount (with logo!) from 3D-Printed-hub-stand topic above:

Hubitat C5/C7 mount from @Shane_pcs from the 3d-printed-solutions-for-home-automation topic

Hubitat C4 mounting bracket (along w/separate mount for USB dongle):

From "Hubitat" search on Thingaverse:

And still more here on Thingaverse:


Corner mounts for the motion sensor. Thanks to @potts.mike for noting this for inclusion. Two mounts!

Third Reality corner mount 1

ThirdReality corner mount 2

Plus these mounts for flat wall position found by bradford.clarke - click to jump to his post below w/links.


  • Phillips Hue HDMI sync box from above topic:

Gira Hue plate from 3d-printed-solutions-for-home-automation topic

How to mount a Lutron Pico over a recessed working switch, using a 3D printed mount, from @Roguetech.

Blink Cameras
Hub desk & wall mounts from Snell:

From 3d-printed-solutions-for-home-automation topic:


  • Nodemcu multisensor case from above topic:

Outlet wall mount for Google Home Mini from the 3d-printed-solutions-for-home-automation topic:

Zooz devices:

Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor:

Iris v1 motion sensor drop-ceiling mount by @adamkempenich.


Iris v2 motion sensor ball-and-socket mount - linked to/explained by @csteele.

Iris v2 mount courtesy of @brianwilson, building off another design.

Iris IL07 (v3) motion sensor wall mount from the 3d-printed-solutions-for-home-automation topic:

Iris V2 Keypad mount from @dbhosttexas.

General Weather

"Generic" outdoor shield for temperature/humidy probe, from the 3d-printed-solutions-for-home-automation topic:

A unique solution for a rain sensor on a pergola from @marcusvrsilva.

**SmartThings button mount recommended by scottgu3.

Four-button switch mount from jebbett.


Four-button-switch mount download

3D Printing HE Automations/Integrations
A Klipper/Moonraker integration from Jebbett:

Octoprint driver from Mike10 to enable alerts when print jobs are done:


Nice work!

But... where's the link for the discounted HE Club Pricing for a Sovol SV05?


I feel like there’s a corner mount for the third reality motion sensor floating around.

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I made a piston for my 3-D printer that sends a push notification when the print is done and automatically turns the smart plug off after a cooldown delay or when the nearest smoke detector goes off. Requires having a plug that monitors power. My printer only uses 7W when idle, but the fan is rather loud and there's no need for it to run all night after a print finishes.


Dang...the 18% sale on Amazon ended ($269!), now at 8% off at $293. I'll hustle up my mojo and get that sale price back through focused meditation. :wink:

Now that you mention it that does sound familiar, and that's a very popular sensor recently...found them (there are two!) and will add to the OP. Done, added!

That is a great idea...hadn't even thought about that. Nice!


As a note, the Hubitat mount set (that @danabw already posted a link to) also has an option for the Hubitat C4 (plus I plan on adding the C8 to it when that becomes available and I have the proper dimensions).

Plus I also have a set of mounts for Blink camera sync hubs posted.

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Updated my description above! Thanks for reminding me about the multiple versions available including C4.

As you know I'm actually using your wall mount with my two C7s and it works great.

I have two more designs for ThirdReality motion sensors and smart buttons that i haven't published yet.


Love to have them listed when you do! The more the merrier... :smiley:

Thanks for adding my Yagusmart 4 button desk mount, if you think it’s relevant you might also want to list my 3D printer monitoring and control for Klipper based 3D printers:

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Absolutely, yes! Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn't found it.

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I guess it’s worth adding the octoprint driver too (not mine)

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Thank you for posting the the ThirdReality corner mount 2 link. I like that it can hold the sensor without tape so it can be removed easily for the eventual battery changes. I will be able to relocate the 3rd Reality sensor to the corner where I wanted to put it now.

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That was my reasoning for designing that variation; I didn't want to put tape, etc. directly on the sensor.

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Two more options for mounting the ThirdReality Motion Sensors or Smart Buttons.

Both of these are for flat surface mounting, one with 3M VHB tape or Command Strips, the other with a small screw.

Tape Mount:


Screw Mount:


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I just use this stuff to stick the sensor directly to the wall:

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Wall mounts for tablets:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021)
Samsung Tab A7 (T-500)

Amazon Fire Tab
Edit: More Fire tab mounts
HD 10 2021
HD 10 2021
HD 10 2019

Untested by me (yet).

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Entending/swiveling spice racks...a 3D printer WAF win. :slight_smile:

Sliding spice rack from Thingaverse. I only used the bottom part of the design, leaving out the steel rods and the top, as our spces are in a short space in the cabinet and the metal rods and top in the original design would just get in the way for us. Nice side-effect is access is easier w/the rods omitted.

This was a big win...wife wants more. :slight_smile:

Modifications: Making the sliding rail 2% smaller than the track allows it to slide easily. I increased the width of the base track by 2%, left the sliding rail at its original width, and increased the bottom (the part the spices sit in) by 2% to match the track. That additional 2% in space allows wider/square spice jars to fit easily.

During "construction." Tracks the units slide in are held in place by two legths of strong velcro:

Slide out to view/access:

Rotate in mid-air... :exploding_head: Mind blown: :slight_smile:


I printed the Fire tablet mount. It's not terrible but it does add quite a bit of bulk.

Yup, this one looks nicer, but of course it's for a newer version (2021) than what I have (2019).

Fire 10 2021

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