3D Printed Hub Stand

My grandson got a 3D printer last Christmas and printed this for me recently.


Cool. Can you share the design or .stl file so others can make their own like it?

Here's the link with several versions:


Thanks much!

All my (fillibar on thingiverse and elsewhere) 3D designs on thingiverse have the OpenSCAD file with them so people can make changes or whatever. I always hate it when there are only stl files posted of something and I need one that is JUST slightly different.


Just clicked , mine went straight to Thingverse. Sounds like the issue must be on your end.


stupid firefox



I use these in my set up ... work great!


What exactly are those?
Can I buy them somewhere?

Those are the stands linked to up above on thingiverse. You can 3D print them yourself, find someone w/a 3D printer to print them for you, or pay one of the many 3D printing services on the web to print them for you.


@jtmpush18 and @JasonJoel Yep. I had them 3D printed at work (when we still went into the office) No thermal issues with vertical orientation and proximity.

Off to my library I go!
(Who knows, they may be re-opening soon!)


Is your secondary a C4 and primary a C5? Does the same stand work for both? On thingiverse link they said they didn’t have C4 dimensions.

Both are C5s. I don’t have a C4 to compare.

My stand does not SPECIFICALLY support a C4 because I do not have one. Unless the thickness is different though it should work without problems. Plus, I posted the OpenSCAD file on there also so someone could easily enter the dimensions for the C4 into it as the design is parametric (if I remember correctly).

Or, if you have a C4 and can provide dimensions I can add them into the design and generate additional STLs if there actually IS a difference. I need to alter it at some point to note that it will hold a C7 (since there is no difference between C5 and C7 dimensions).

I commented on thingiverse with the settings I used for a C4.

Guess I’ll try this for a c4

I will try to get the OpenSCAD file updated and the new one posted in the next few days.

Updated OpenSCAD file has been posted to support the C4 using the dimensions @brianwilson provided. I also uploaded new .stl files that specifically say what hub they are for. As the C7 has the same dimensions as the C5 people can use that one (it is named as such, but I did make it an option in the .scad file).

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Has anyone created a 3d printed wall mount for hubitat? id like to mount my c7 to the wall with cooling ports out, sticky tape just makes me nervous and i dont like to gum up the devices.

Anyone done anything like this?