Recessed switches using Lutron Picos using 3D printing

This is to explain how to recess switches and mount Lutron Picos over them using 3D printed mount. Requires electrical work and 3D printing. It allows using Pico remotes with smart bulbs without sacrificing the ability to cut power to the fixture. It also allow using Picos to control a smart switch, such as a fan controller, while maintaining consistent styling of wall controls.

Original project discussion here. Original instructions here.

I've created a face plate mount for Lutron Picos to install over recessed switches. You can find it here:


  1. Two magnets, 1 1/2" x 1/4" x 1/16"
    K&J Magnetics: BX841

  2. Recessed gang box

Note: The single gang version is a millimeter taller, which doesn't allow it to recess far enough. Hence why I only have a 2-gang version for now.

  1. Two paddle switches (if replacing toggle switches)

  2. 7/8" or 1" faceplate screws


  1. Download and 3D print the project pieces
    Lutron Pico recessed faceplates by Roguetech - Thingiverse
  2. Drill out the screw holes (or remix with holes)
  3. Glue the magnets to the rear of the "front" piece in the gap of bracket
  4. Turn off the circuit breaker
  5. Remove the existing faceplate
  6. Make sure circuit breaker is off
  7. Pull out the existing switches
  8. Take photo of wiring and/or mark where the wires go
  9. Remove the existing switches
  10. Remove the existing gang box by cutting the screws at the top and bottom of the stud side either using a hacksaw blade or oscillating saw
  11. Punch out the tabs in the recessable gang box
  12. Pull the wires into recessable gang box
  13. Screw in the gangbox, making sure it's pushed all the way to the rear, and centered in the hole
  14. Install the paddle switches like normal
  15. Insert the "rear" faceplate (don't screw it in)
  16. Insert the "front" faceplate and screw in using 7/8" or 1" screws
  17. Enjoy.
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