Yet another 3D printed wall mount

We bought our new house directly from the builder, so I was able to get them to set things up properly: Cat6 and coax drops everywhere, all coming into a nice network closet. Of course, the HE lives in there, since the closet is (A) central in the house, and (B) made of plastic.

Since I got a 3D printer for christmas, I had to design and print this to allow the HE to be properly mounted in the closet.

If you want to modify it, the Tinkercad model can be found here:

which will allow you to work on the model fairly easily. The ungroup feature works on copies, so you can reduce it to it's individual components and modify it to your heart's content.

To quote the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation tag line: "Share and Enjoy!"


Looking to obtain a nice mount for my C7. Do you have any photos of the final product mounted?
No printer, will also be looking for a good place to get one made.

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Good timing, gonna mount my 2nd hub on the wall. Printing it out now. :grinning:

This is what mine looks like, mounted in my network closet. It's a little cramped in there, since the bundle of CAT-6 cables that feed to the rest of the house come in right beside it, you can see them on the left of the image.

To give some idea of scale, the four screws are on 2-inch centers, since that's how the back of the closet is pre-driilled.

And yes, those are not flat-head screws. I put some stand-offs above the base of the mount that make the Hubitat sit above them. That has the double benefit of stopping it touching the screw heads, and also giving a bigger air space for cooling.

Before I got my own 3D printer, I used for what little 3D work I did. I've just uploaded the STL for this to them to get a quote, currently it's a little under $11 to do it in the "First available plastic" which is usually their cheapest option. You'd have to add shipping to that, but it's not usually that hideous.

It might be worth looking around on the web to get it done cheaper, Shapeways certainly are not the only game in town.

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Haven't tried to fit the hub yet but print went fine.


Looks good. The Hubitat should just slide right in and be held in place by the three supports.

It's much easier to see the detail in that blue plastic, the stand-offs I mentioned show clearly.

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